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Newsletter - Feb. 2019


A month comes to end, another is about to begin. For more truth facts, keep reading this month’s Summoner’s Newsletter!


February 2019’s Newsletter features:


• Q&A Session #1 answers!
• January highlights and recap!
• Fanart!
• Number of the Month: Höd’s Trial!
• More fanart!
• Forum highlights!
• Did we mention fanart? Here’s one by Chioku!



Fanart just the way we like it!


Keep reading until the end to see the answers to 15 player questions!


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Think you missed something? Let’s make sure you’re up to speed!


→ On January 18th, we opened the doors to the hardest game mode so far: Trials.


Merely 6 hours after the release of Höd’s Trial, DieBanane was the first player to beat it. Congrats, that’s impressive!


→ We also opened the Bifrost, a collection of Elemental challenges that will regularly rotate. Thunder was first, featuring 50 dungeons and new Weapon rewards. Dark is next!


→ The highly anticipated Daily Missions made it into the game, allowing everyone to receive 5 missions every day from the Objectives menu and claim various rewards.


→ 64 Dungeons were added to “Chapter 4: Pilgrims of Faraway” with the release of Acts 2 and 3. We also added Chapter Parades, one for each Chapter when you beat all their Harvest Dungeons, allowing you to farm their Crystal.


→ 4 Units were released: Sky Flint, Iris and 2 Classic BF Units (Avant and Krantz).


→ It’s been 1 month since our Forums opened. Pay us a visit and join 400 registered players!






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→ Kudos to Zoraos for being our most active member since the Forums opened in December!

→ Zoraos also published more than 30 BFTLS videos on Youtube, including a guide to beat Höd’s Trial. Definitely go check it out and show your support! We thank all content creators for being so awesome!

→ Our compliments to GeneralG for making the most in-depth and comprehensive feedback thread this month!


→ Thanks to everyone who participated in our first Forum Contest, “My Top 10 Tips”, and congratulations to all 12 winners:

• BallzbDragon, GeneralG, VaporEyes, whightZ, Xalaryn, Shinshikun, DemDarius, Blumare, Shigge, Kurama, Bercha & tole5.


→ Rumors are spreading that Reztreha and Larat are building a roleplay Tavern together… We’ll keep an eye on this developing news.


→ Last but not least, have a look at some of the fun fanarts posted by the community! Never hesitate to share your art!


By Chioku

More memes? Yes please!



By MuvLuv

Cute Lucy is cute!



By Xalaryn

We love Siv too!






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You know what, the people writing this newsletter can fanart too! (yes, fanart has become a verb temporarily)


A shy but very skilled Community Manager who will not reveal themself has found the perfect place to share their interpretation of BFTLS art: our official Twitter page!



For more #PaintFanart, follow us @BFTLS <3




Q&A #1 - FEBRUARY 2019


Every month, we hold an official “Questions & Answers” session on our Forums. Answers from the development team will be published in our Summoner’s Newsletter! Don’t hesitate to ask your questions in the next session!


1. Will there be the possibility to lock Units (like the "Favorite" button in BF1) so we can't accidentally sell or fuse them? (alexvozian)


Yes, this Quality of Life feature is coming very, very soon. ;)


2. How does the game choose who fights first in the Arena when both players have the same Initiative? (Blumare)


It is randomly chosen.


3. Will we be able to evolve our units beyond 5 stars in the future like the spirits? (END5564)


Yes, but for the moment we are in the 5-star era of BFTLS.


4. Will Zelnite come back at some point? Or Units from the EU version of BF? (Eraclio)


Any Unit from previous BF games has a chance to return in BFTLS. However we won't say who in this article, so look forward to future reveals ;)


5. Will BFTLS have collaboration with other games? (Gweann)


It is always in consideration.


6. Will LE units or LE weapons ever come back over the course of the game? (E.g Shion, Avant, Monach Etc.) (Laz)


Classic BF Units absolutely can. Future Summon events may even feature all those we've released so far. Seasonal content (Halloween, Winter) is meant to be rarer, however. We are working on a system to allow players who got those Units to obtain their missing Roles.


7. Will the Chapter Summon Gate (with Summoner Crystal) change more regularly? What about SRS Units? (Meoshimo / GeneralG)


We are planning a more regular rotation of this Summon Gate. As for SRS Units, those from Chapter 2 will be added in the Chapter 2 Summon Gate when it returns, for instance. Like many other things in BFTLS, this type of event evolves as more game content is added.


8. Will we have a Step-up Summon system? (Stevounch)


We have various plans in mind to improve the summon experience, such as the recently implemented Guaranteed Bonuses, but nothing new to announce yet.


9. Will Lucy (Story version) ever be a obtainable unit? (thanh15pro)


As you most likely noticed, the destiny of Lucy is intertwined with the main story of BFTLS. She will appear often, in different forms and some versions will be obtainable for sure (i.e. Halloween Lucy in October 2018).


10. How many Story Seasons are you planning to release? (Vannilla)


No specific number to share as it can always evolve, but the general layout of the story is already written across several seasons.


11. Will you rework the Royale Parade? (Xalaryn)


We have seen the requests and it is being considered.


12. Will players be able to exchange Units? (Gweann)


No, our planned social features will let you exchange some Items, but not Units.


13. Have you thought about fan contests where users would create their own units that would get included in game? (Javier)


It can always happen at some point, but we're not currently preparing one.


14. What will be the Guild Member's Limit ? (Kajiaôtori)


Guild features are still in development, so we cannot confirm the final design yet. The limit could be anything between 20 and 50, and will be confirmed after development has ended, when we fully reveal the Guild release plan.


15. Will the last 3 Weapon classes be nerfed before the Arena S2? (Meoshimo)


We have no plans to reduce the power of specific Weapons at the moment. As the game evolves, stronger Weapons will be released for many different Weapon Types, not just the newest ones.





That’s it for this month! Again, if you have any suggestion to make the next newsletter more awesome, share your thoughts with us on the Forums!


We’re looking forward to a very exciting February with all of you! ;)


- The Last Summoner Team

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