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[Apr. 4] New Unit - Merja



- Obtain Merja from the PILGRIMS OF FARAWAY Series in this LIMITED SUMMON event! Find all Unit details below!




PERIOD: Apr. 05, 01:01 am - Apr. 12, 01:00 am

(PDT / UTC-7)


RARITY: Merja is Super Rare (4★ base, 5★ max). Unit details below!

• SPECIAL OFFER: GUARANTEED Merja‘s Weapon for 30 Summons, Níðs and more! Find the complete lists below!



All Gates: Merja has increased chances of being summoned.

All Gates: Chance of getting Merja’s Weapon if you get her.

• Gate 1: Get 1 Unit for 250 Orbs.

• Gate 2: Get 10 Units for 2,000 Orbs (save 500 Orbs!).

• Gate 3: Get 1 Unit for 1 Rainbow Ticket.





Guaranteed in Event Gate 2


10 Units Summoned: Get 3 Burst Frogs

30 Units Summoned: Get Merja’s Weapon

40 Units Summoned: Get 1 Oracle-Níð-Goin

50 Units Summoned: Get 2 Summoner-Níð-Adder

Extra: 1 Rainbow Summon Ticket for 20 Units Summoned.


Guaranteed in Event Gate 3


5 Units Summoned: Get 1 Burst Frog (also for 10, 15, 25)

30 Units Summoned: Get Merja’s Weapon

35 Units Summoned: Get 1 Guardian-Níð-Nidhogg
45 Units Summoned: Get 1 Leader-Níð-Moi

50 Units Summoned: Get 1 Breaker-Níð-Grabak

Extra: 1 Rainbow Summon Ticket for 20 & 40 Units Summoned.



IMPORTANT: Progress in each Gate cannot be combined.




“And here I am, the last bounty hunter… ”


If there’s someone who understands the concept of justice, that’s Merja. This Giant works as a bounty hunter for Dreymborg, and no criminal will get away with anything around her. However, she’d never betray or fight against her Volpis friends, and as much as she loves her job, when the time comes, all she wants is to retire and have a simple, farmer’s life.


Merja‘s Skills:

Support: Heal, 3★ (Oracle Role)

Guard: Energy Rush, 2★ (Guardian Role)

Guard: Iron Wall, 1★ (Guardian Role)    

Summon: Behemoth, 1★ (Summoner Role)

• Burst: Gnawing Shock, 4★

Burst: Thunder Expulsion, 3★ (Breaker Role)

Leader: Crystal Mastery, 1★ (Leader Role)

Leader: NEW! Bounty Hunter's Edge, 4★




Merja comes with a brand new Leader Skill that will take your squad to new heights! And it comes at Level 4!!


Leader Skill: “Bounty Hunter’s Edge”

Skill effect (1★ values): Boosts ATK, DEF by 30% and HP by 40% for units in the squad. Boosts counter rate by 20% for units in the squad.

Advanced Skill effect (5★ values): Boosts ATK, DEF by 45% and HP 55% for units in the squad. Boosts counter rate by 35% for units in the squad. Boosts interception rate by 35% for units in the squad.


Let’s have a look at Merja’s Weapon: Pragmatism



Rarity: 5-Stars

Initiative: 31

Damage: 41-99


+Decreases the BC cost of each skill by 20%

+Boosts BC each turn +3

+20% Critical Hit Rate

+25% DEF

+25% HP


Need help to understand all the icons?

Read the “Guide #3 - Complete List of Skills” news!


Merja is an incredible Unit by herself, but… everyone needs allies!

Get ready to meet Julius, another Giant Unit that, when put in the same squad as Merja, will make sparks fly! You’ll love their resonance!


Julius‘ Skills:

Support: Giant Storm, 4★

Guard: Energy Rush, 3★ (Guardian Role)   

Summon: Behemoth, 1★ (Summoner Role)

Burst: Gnawing Shock, 1★

Leader: Thunder Lord’s Power, 4★

Leader: Giant’s Aura, 3★ (Leader Role)
Extra: Julius has a higher interception rate than other Artillery Units (+15%)!


Sounds like a dream team, doesn’t it? Julius will be waiting for you at the Summon Gate in 2 weeks! Don’t leave him hanging!




Did you know?

Every time you fuse a Unit, you get:

• A chance to increase maximum Spheres.

• Role Points to unlock new Roles. Higher Rarity Units give more points!


What are Summon Events?

Unlike permanent Gates, Summon Event Gates give you the BEST chances to get specific Rare Summons! You may never have such an opportunity in the future! So don’t hesitate!


Are featured Units always guaranteed?

No, guaranteed bonuses only exist for specific Summon Event Gates when announced. Guaranteed bonuses may vary from one gate to another.


What are SUPER Rare Summons?

THE RAREST UNITS IN THE GAME: 4★ or 5★ base Rarity!! With the BEST skills and upgrade, they outrank Common (1★ base), Elite (2★ base) and Rare Summons (3★ base).


- The Last Summoner Team



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