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April Fools - "Game Labs" Projects

While most of the BFTLS team is busy working on the major Guilds update for April, we’d like to whet your appetite with a sneak peek at several smaller projects in the works for Summer and beyond.


But first, a bit of context! Hi, I’m Romain L. from the recently assembled Game Labs team, a small division at gumi Europe that focuses on innovation independently of the game’s roadmap of updates: in short, we experiment with various “small” ideas (easy to develop and release) that can improve BFTLS in exciting new ways based on player feedback and modern trends.


We’ve been at it for about 6 weeks now and it’s thankfully time to stop working in secrecy and let you in on some never-before-seen concepts we’re very excited about! As always, keep in mind that what I am presenting is still in development and may change before release. Let’s get started!



“Night Mode” Setting  | Try the BETA


Comfort is an important concern when designing an application, and we don’t doubt that a large part of the community often plays on their phones in the dark (we do too!). This is why a “Night Mode” setting was worth considering, following the latest trend for smartphone software.


The idea behind such a feature is to easily toggle On/Off visuals tweaks without impacting gameplay in order to reduce eyestrain when using a screen for a long period of time.


We tested different visual tweaks internally until we found one we were satisfied with, especially for AMOLED displays, which is the elegant solution you get to try out. Please give a try to the “Night Mode (BETA)” dungeon under the “Chapter 1 Tournament” and let us know what you think.


“My Memory” | Choice-based Short Stories


Customization is key in a JRPG and can take many forms. Recent surveys have shown many of you had an interest in making choices during the story. While the BFTLS narrative is set on a fixed path, we thought it’d be fun to add non-canon, short stories tailored by the choices you make.


Is your Zola secretly a villain? Should your Brook take Lavender on a date or shatter her dreams? Will you open a mysterious letter as Hanna? “My Memory” stories will be available for each Story Unit in a visual novel format, the most popular storytelling method for choice-based narrative.


Each “My Memory” takes about 10 minutes to complete, but beware of Bad Endings that reset your Story Unit to its minimum Rarity. Make your choices wisely and experience your different destinies!



“Hardcore Arena” Mode | Win big or lose your Units!


The thrills of a fight you could lose are just as important as the joy of beating your opponent. Via our surveys, we know Arena fans seek a higher challenge than what is currently offered. We will answer their call by adding a completely optional “Hardcore” matchmaking option with bigger rewards.


So what’s hardcore about it? In short: you lose, your squad is deleted from the game. So don’t lose. Obviously, since the stakes are so high, so are the rewards: 20x as much Esteem Points, NO Gate timers, and to top it all off... claim the opponent Unit of your choice before their squad is deleted!


Is the deal sweet enough for you? As for requirements, to play a “Hardcore” match, you’ll need at least 100 Units in your Inventory. Oh, one last thing, you don’t get to choose your Arena team. 5 Units are picked randomly.



“Smart Summoning” | Personalized Game Feedback


In the original Brave Frontier, every time you summoned a Unit, it came with a quote from them. Not only were they talking directly to you, they gave you a glimpse of their personality, making the relationship immediately more intimate. We wish to replicate that feeling, and even go beyond.


Using data collected from your save file, we can know your habits such as how often you use or fuse specific Units, and even predict the kind of Unit you are hoping for or wish to avoid based on your Inventory and team setups. This allows us to make everyone’s experience unique.


Not only may Units reference what they know about you, Summon Gates themselves can sometimes chime in when they detect you may need encouraging words. How nice of them!





We hope you enjoyed the reveal of these 4 major concepts from Game Labs! Do let us know what you think on Discord or the forum, but don’t go just yet!


That was just a tiny glimpse at what we’re working on. In the future, I’ll be giving you a look at more enhancements to come, including:


• Arena “Spectate” Mode: Just want to enjoy the show? You got it! Put your phone down, relax and enjoy the spectacle with “Bot versus Bot” matches. Which Bot will win?! Come on Alexia-Spirit!!


• Food Mastery: Starving Units will lose Stats, so fill their Hunger meter regularly with good food! Be careful not to overfeed them or they’ll be too bloated to run and arrive late for each wave.


• Mirror³ Mode: The fan-favorite challenge mode from BFRPG returns with a twist: play the enemy squad! I hope your team’s strong enough or you’ll be guarding for hours before you win that one.


• New Element: Glass. Weak against everything, it shatters in one hit, even when it attacks. You may think there’s no point for glass in your Army. You’re wrong. It’s shiny, wonderful and you need it.


New Weapon Type: Ziz. Yes, it’s literally Ziz, the famous bird from the original Brave Frontier. Just grab Ziz by the wings and fling his almighty power at your enemy’s weak point for massive damage.



OST Ambient Sounds: Enjoying the relaxing tunes of the BFTLS Soundtrack? We’re about to make it even more relaxing with the newly recorded “ASMR” ambient sounds. Have a listen!




And that’s it for today!


Tune in next month for a special 3-in-1 dev diary about the revolutionary BaFTtLeS Royale Mode  presented by Romain A. from the Game Art team, Romain D. from the Game Design team and Romain S. from the Game Story team.


- The Last Summoner Team



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