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Arena Season 1


The Arena, our Real-Time Online PvP mode, has officialy launched!

Season 1 Competition has begun! Play NOW!


→ Fight against other players in real-time 5vs5 online battles!

→ Climb up the Esteem Point rankings, enter higher Leagues!

→ Craft Limited 5★ “Arena Weapons” in the Forge!

→ Unlock amazing Season 1 rewards!


Check out the rules, rewards, weapons and Arena tutorials below!







Getting Started

→ Enter the Arena from Quest Page and set up your Squad.

→ Tap on “Fight!” to face another player in a real-time battle.

→ Battles have limited turns, each time-limited. Be wise & quick!

Note: If no players are found, you will fight against bots instead.


Leagues & Seasons

→ You earn or lose Esteem Points based on who was defeated.

→ Enter higher Leagues by earning EP, accessing extra rewards!

→ During Seasonal Competitions, rank up to earn fantastic rewards!



→ Victories give Stars & Reward Gates. Only 1 Gate can be opened at a time.

→ To open a Gate and get rewards, wait for its timer to expire or use Orbs.

→ The ultimate “Star Gate” can be opened twice daily after earning enough Stars.






Period: Until Jan. 2, 11:59 pm (PST / UTC -8)



→ Get as many Esteem Points as you can before Jan. 2, 11:59 pm (PST / UTC -8).

→ Only your final score will count, not your all-time highest!



→ Higher Ranks include rewards from lower ranks:


• Rank 1: 4x Next “Classic Brave Frontier” Unit*

• Ranks 2 - 10: 1x Next “Classic Brave Frontier” Unit*

• Ranks 11 - 100: 2x Rainbow Ticket

*The next “Classic Brave Frontier” Unit (like Elza or Alice) will be revealed at a later date.


• Top 10% Players: 2x Super Rare Summon Ticket

• Top 20% Players: 1x Burst Frog

• Top 30% Players: 200 Orbs

• Top 40% Players: 800 Arena Crystals

• Top 50% Players: 50 Orbs

• Participation Reward: 5x Metal God


→ Rewards will be distributed within 2 weeks after Season 1 ends.

→ The Leaderboard will go live on December 7. You'll find the banner on your Quest Page!

Note: Please keep in mind scores may need up to 24 hours to be updated.


Season 1 Arena Weapons

→ Craft Limited “Arena Weapons” in the Forge, each requiring 1,000 Arena Crystals.

→ “Arena Weapons” aren’t always the same for each Season. Check out Season 1’s Weapons:


• 5★ BOW: “Aloon”

• 5★ DAGGERS: “Oeteln”

• 5★ FISTS: “Bvyrr”

• 5★ HEAVY SWORD: “Sylgrein”

• 5★ DUAL SWORDS: “Fuulu & Fiilli”

• 5★ SCEPTER: “Alarost”

• 5★ SPEAR: “Hostyv”

• 5★ SWORD & SHIELD: “Nooark”

• 5★ KT-PISTOL: “KT-00”

Note: Find all details about their enhancements in the Forge!


→ These Weapons will be removed from the Forge when Season 1 ends.




Let the battle commence!


- The Last Summoner Team

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