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Arena Season 1 End


The Arena Season 1 Competition has ended!


Thank you for participating in this first PvP event on BFTLS! During the Off-Season, you can keep fighting for normal Arena rewards while waiting for Season 2!


IMPORTANT: We are currently reviewing Season 1 results in case of cheating and/or inaccuracies, and would like to address some of the community’s concerns in this article.






Throughout the second half of this Arena Season, it has been apparent that one or many exploits have impacted the experience of several participants. Specifically, unfair and severe point loss occurred for players who experienced weird game behavior such as forced disconnections.


We regret not having fixed such issues in time. As a consequence, to provide you with the competitive integrity you expect from the game, Season 2 will only begin after we make essential technical improvements to cheat detection methods, allowing us to prevent many exploits from happening and act fast if they do.


We do remind everyone that hacking the game or abusing any exploit is not tolerated in any way. Any flagged account may be removed from the competition or be banned from the game. If you observe such behavior and have any screenshot or video as proof, never hesitate to forward it to our team via the Support Website.




With the way scoring worked in Season 1, it was possible for several players to share the same Esteem Points value and therefore occupy the same Rank.


We are reconsidering this method as we want the Arena to exclusively promote the spirit of competition where each participant should have their personal Rank. Scoring or Ranking for future Arena Seasons may therefore work differently.






→ Season 1 Rewards will be sent within 2 weeks, after results have been reviewed.

→ As a reminder, here are the rewards for Season 1. Higher Ranks include rewards from lower ranks:


• Rank 1: 4x Shion

• Ranks 2 - 10: 1x Shion

• Ranks 11 - 100: 2x Rainbow Ticket


• Top 10% Players: 2x Super Rare Summon Ticket

• Top 20% Players: 1x Burst Frog

• Top 30% Players: 200 Orbs

• Top 40% Players: 800 Arena Crystals

• Top 50% Players: 50 Orbs

• Participation Reward: 5x Metal God




Again, many thanks to all players who fought their way through Arena Leagues during this first Season!


We are extremely interested in any feedback or suggestions you have about this game mode, so don’t hesitate to pay a visit to our Forums!


- The Last Summoner Team

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