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Arena - Season 2


Arena Season 2 begins on February 7!


To promote the spirit of competition, we will limit the maximum Esteem Points allowed at the beginning of Season 2.


When this new Season begins:

• If you have 1,601 Esteem Points or above, your first fight during Season 2 will bring down that total to 1,600 (no matter if you win or lose).

• At 1,599 or below, you will keep your current Esteem Points.


Check out the Leaderboard rewards below!






→ Spirits can be summoned in a fight, transition between turns is faster.

→ Fixed several issues, improved general stability and blocked known exploits.

→ Strengthened our Anti-Cheat measures to detect offenders.




Hacking the game or abusing any exploit is not tolerated in any way. Flagged accounts will be removed from the competition or banned from the game. If you observe such behavior and have any screenshot or video as proof, never hesitate to forward it to our team via the Support Website.





Period: Feb. 7, 02:00 am - Mar. 6, 01:00 am (PST / UTC -8)


→ Fight against other players in real-time 5vs5 online battles!

→ Climb up the Esteem Point rankings and get better rewards when Season 2 ends!

→ Enter higher Leagues and access better reward pools when you win a match!

→ Craft Limited “Arena Weapons” in the Forge!



Check your current League in-game (blue background). Next to it, you will see some of the rewards you might get when winning an Arena match.



→ Get as many Esteem Points as you can before March 6, 01:00 am (PST / UTC -8).

→ Only your final score will count, not your all-time highest!



→ Higher Ranks include rewards from lower ranks:


• Rank 1: 4x “Classic BF” Unit*

• Ranks 2 - 10: 1x “Classic BF” Unit*

• Ranks 11 - 50: 1x Rainbow Ticket

• Ranks 51 - 100: 1x Rainbow Ticket

• Ranks 101 - 200: 2x Burst Frog

• Ranks 201 - 500: 600x Arena Crystals

• Ranks 501 - 1000: 200x Orbs

• Ranks 1001 - 2000: 1x Super Rare Summon Ticket  

• Ranks 2001 - 5000: 1x Burst Frog

• Ranks 5001 - 10000: 1x Super Rare Summon Ticket  

• Ranks 10001 - 20000: 50x Orbs

• Ranks 20001 - 50000: 200x Arena Crystals

• Participation Reward: 5x Metal God


*The Classic BF Unit will be revealed at a later date.


→ Rewards will be distributed within 2 weeks of the end of Season 2.

→ The Leaderboard can be accessed from the Arena menu.

Note: Please keep in mind scores may need up to 24 hours to be updated.


Season 2 Arena Weapons

→ Later this Season, craft Limited “Arena Weapons” in the Forge.

→ Stay tuned for a future reveal.

→ These weapons may be removed from the Forge when the Season ends.




Let the battle commence!


- The Last Summoner Team

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