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BFTLS Closure - Final Update and Events



Hey everyone!


As you probably know already, BFTLS will close in 4 weeks. If you haven’t read our Closure announcement yet, click here.


We know you're disappointed. Believe us, we're deeply saddened and hate this as much as you do, but that also means we have the opportunity to make the best out of the next 4 weeks. Let's make some really great final memories together!


If you loved playing BFTLS, we hope you will enjoy this bittersweet final update releasing this week. Please read about it below.


And again, thank you for being so awesome! :)






We don’t want to break your heart further by having an unfinished story.


Rather than try to summarize all our planned story beats with rushed storytelling, we simply want to let you know what the endgame and revelations would have been. These were written before the game was released and were always meant to finish the main story arc.


• Play 3 Epilogue Memories from the Quest Memory banner.

• Play 3 Epilogue Memories with the Lucy Unit.


Thank you for being part of this journey! We hope these give story fans enough closure!






To make sure everyone can get the most out of BFTLS before it’s over:


• Energy will refill 4x faster than usual.

• Connect every day to claim 500 Orbs.






Until the very end, you will be able to summon all existing BFTLS characters. To help you focus on a specific selection of Units, we have designed 7 groups:


• Summon Event #1 - Only Chapter 1 Units (100 Orbs)

• Summon Event #2 - Only Chapter 2 Units (100 Orbs)

• Summon Event #3 - Only Chapter 3 Units (100 Orbs)

• Summon Event #4 - Only Chapter 4 Units (100 Orbs)

• Summon Event #5 - Only BF Classic Units (250 Orbs)

• Summon Event #6 - Only Limited Event Units (250 Orbs)

• Summon Event #7 - Only Special Units* (250 Orbs)


* Special Units include Starters and unique Units not obtainable anywhere else.






All Limited Maps will be playable at any time until the very end. This includes:


• Peona Event Map

• Halloween 2018 Map

• Christmas 2018 Map

• Valentine’s Day 2019 Map

• Spring 2019 Map

• All Elemental Bifrost Maps




And that's it, Summoners.


Although we know this can't make up for a game closure, we truly hope that this lets you have as much fun as possible in BFTLS for the next month.


Now, go take the world of Vask by storm and finish this adventure on a high note!


- The Last Summoner Team

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