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Bug Frontier Report


The Bug Frontier… an endless desert where the epic clash between game developers and terrifying game issues never stops for a second.


Fear not, Summoner, you can have a look at their progress without risking your lives! Here is a short and sweet selection of the important known issues our Bug Fixing team is aware of!




Bug Frontier Report - March 15 2019 update



Ongoing & newly listed issues


Impossible to target specific Units.


• DESCRIPTION: On some displays, it is almost impossible to target specific Units when tapping the screen where they stand, making it hard to complete challenging content.



• STATUS: Investigating. We must pinpoint the cause of this issue to start working on a fix.



[iOS Only] Incorrect Scores/Harvest progression.


• DESCRIPTION: Score requirements are incorrect, causing display issues with Dungeon Stars and slowing progression for Harvest rewards.


• STATUS: Resolved! An upcoming Client Update will fix this next week.


Alya Memory is impossible.


• DESCRIPTION: Because of an earlier update, one Memory for Alya is too hard.


• STATUS: Resolved! The fix will be deployed in an upcoming update.


Cannot buy the Ascend Skill.


• DESCRIPTION: Even with all Roles unlocked and 5 Spheres available, the button to purchase the Ascend Skill for a Unit is not working.


• STATUS: Work in progress. The fix is currently being tested.


• WORKAROUND: Leaving the Unit page and returning to it allows you to buy the Skill.


Game performance is very low, below 30 FPS.


• DESCRIPTION: Since Update 2.4, frames per second are capped at 30 instead of 60 by design. However, for some devices, performance is below 30 FPS when it used to be above.


• STATUS: Investigating. We must pinpoint the cause of this issue to start working on a fix.


Graphical glitches when launching the application.


• DESCRIPTION: The application’s visuals aren’t displayed properly on specific devices such as the iPhone 5, making it impossible to play.


• STATUS: Investigating. We must pinpoint the cause of this issue to start working on a fix.


Empty icon on the Chapter 1 Map


• DESCRIPTION: There is a new Map node for Chapter 1 that has no content.


• STATUS: This was not supposed to be displayed yet, as the content is still unreleased. Look forward to it!




Think we missed something?



We are always dealing with dozens of issues, most of which would bloat this article unnecessarily, but it’s absolutely possible we forgot to include something important that you’ve encountered.


Our goal is to keep you informed, so don’t hesitate to tell us on our Forum’s Bug Report section! If the Bug Fixing team does have news, we’ll make sure you get them in a future Known Issues update.


- The Last Summoner Team

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