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Changes for Ægir + Compensation

The BFTLS community has expressed disappointment over the latest Story Unit, Ægir, which you can obtain for free since April 10 by completing Chapter 4.


We obviously do not want to let you down!


As such, a future update in April will:

• Add Guard Mastery to Ægir’s Skills.

• Increase Ægir’s Iron Wall Skill max level (up to level 4).

• Exceptionally add 2 Níðs as a completion reward for Ægir’s Memories.


Note: If you have already finished Ægir’s Memories, these Níðs will be sent to you as a compensation some time after the Ægir update.



We understand the love for Memories that used to quickly unlock Roles for Story Units. As was stated yesterday, it worked like that because of a design limitation which no longer exists thanks to the Role Mastery update, so we wanted to remove this odd difference between Story Units and everyone else.


However, it went against your expectations of how rewarding getting a Story Unit feels precisely because their Roles are unlocked so fast. We will reevaluate how rewarding it ought to be while staying true to the Role Mastery design so that future Story Units don’t disappoint in the same way!



- The Last Summoner Team

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