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Chronicles of the Future - 2019 Content Preview




On behalf of everyone behind Brave Frontier: The Last Summoner, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting this new and exciting adventure since its debut 4 months ago!


Creating a brand new game to delight thousands of players can be scary and challenging, but it magically goes away when this wonderful relationship we’re building together makes it all exciting every day!


We remain fueled by your support, we stay focused through your feedback, and yes, we’re always fond of your reactions, compliments and criticism alike!


For New Year’s Eve, we wanted you to know that we will constantly strive to outdo ourselves to make your wildest dreams a reality! Driven by your feedback, influenced by your desires, please enjoy the first glimpse of how we want BFTLS to evolve in 2019!






In November, you were hundreds to share your wishes for future BFTLS updates in a survey, and we sure heard the message: “Quality of Life” upgrades are very important to most of the community, and even though they might look like minor tweaks separately, together they make the entire BFTLS experience a lot more enjoyable! Thanks for your time, expect various updates this Winter!




Are Objectives just not enough for you? Feeling like you could do so much more and reap mighty rewards? You’ll very soon be in luck! With Daily Missions, you’ll be assigned different tasks each day such as hunting down particular enemies or looting specific objects! What’s in it for you? The usual: fan-favorite Zel and Karma!…  Oh all right, Orbs too! We really can’t keep a secret, huh?




Classic challenges from the original Brave Frontier return in BFTLS! If you’re in love with complex boss patterns to analyse and weak points to figure out, then you’d best get ready to experiment with different teams! Trials offer some of the toughest battles for which victory means earning exciting rewards such as unique Trial Units! Prepare yourself, the first couple of Trials arrives this Winter!


The Unit form of Höd will join your Army if you beat the 1st Trial!




Unlocked at Level 20, Elemental Dungeons are sets of challenges meant to encourage you to optimize your Squads and Army against one specific Element. Sounds easy? Wait until you reach the final levels and see just how powerful a Mono Element Army can be! What about rewards, you ask? Does unlocking unique Weapons sound good to you? Unleash the completionist in you, then!




It’s no surprise one of the most requested features would make this list! Such a massive community update deserves all our love and care, so we’ve been busy designing a Guild system that brings together Summoners all around the world with many exciting perks, including:


→ Guild Objectives & Leaderboards: As your guild progresses, unlock shared rewards, even Units!


→ Item Trading: Fulfill a request (i.e. give Weapons/Crystals) to earn EXP and Karma (limited daily).


→ Guild Chat: Talk to all guild members in a private in-game chat room!


→ PvP Training: Challenge other guild members in unranked fights, just like in the Arena!


Keep in mind this is only a glimpse of all the social and multiplayer features we’re planning, and it’s all leading up to one huge and exciting idea...




Ever since the inception of BFTLS, one of the ideas we’ve been mostly excited about is giving you the opportunity to fight with your friends as one big Army, each bringing a Squad of 5 Units to the battlefield! Guilds are only the first step of this very ambitious project for which there are 2 important sides:


→ PvE Co-op, where each player has control over one Squad in an Army to defeat mighty bosses!


→ PvP Co-op, where your Squad teams up with another player’s to fight against 2 players!


Look forward to hearing more about Real-time Online Co-op in 2019!




→ More options in the PvP Arena, such as “10 Units VS 10 Units” and events to spice it all up!


→ More Classic Brave Frontier Units that you love! You can probably guess big names right now! ;)


→ Improvements to how Roles work for Units, such as ways of unlocking them and bonus effects.


→ Exciting new skills to spice things up in PvP or speed things up in PvE (better looting, anyone?).


→ New ways for Spirits and Souls to be useful, such as adding Spirits in Arena fights!


And of course, the next Story Chapters are coming with more events, more awesome rewards and more fantastic memories to make!


Liked what you read? Drop us a comment on our Forums or on Discord, we’d be delighted to hear what you think of our plans for 2019!

Happy New Year 2019 to you all, and see you soon for more exciting adventures in Vask!


- The Last Summoner Team



What is a "Chronicles of the Future" article?

Chronicles of the Future allow us to share with you what we're working on for the future of Brave Frontier: The Last Summoner.

These sneak peeks are only a plan of our goals - not a promise - and do not guarantee what the final content will be and when it will be released. We will be actively working on these updates, tweaking and testing them up until we're satisfied with their quality. However, game development is full of surprises and sometimes goes differently from what we had expected. We are not afraid of making changes to our plans, and remain committed to bringing you top notch quality content.

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