BFTLS is closing on July 15. Read the final message from the team. | gumi

BFTLS is closing on July 15. Read the final message from the team.



To all fans of The Last Summoner,


We wish it were otherwise, but unfortunately Brave Frontier: The Last Summoner will close down on July 15, 2019, after a final update that concludes the story in June.


Ever since the game’s reveal a year ago, we’ve been very lucky and grateful to have a passionate community drive us forward to make this ambitious project a memorable experience.


As a European team, having the chance to work on a JRPG franchise was both a dream come true and a terrifying task, and we hope we did right by the fans of Brave Frontier.


Our team was especially thrilled to see such positive reactions for our cast of characters and storyline right from the start, anxiously asking for the next Acts and Chapters.


That is why, even though today’s news is very disappointing, we don’t want fans of The Last Summoner’s story to be left with a frustrating unfinished tale. You will get closure.


Not every video game can become a commercial success, but it was still worth fighting for and we will make sure these final weeks are full of sweet gifts and events to leave the world of Vask on a positive note. (More details below)


Brave Frontier: The Last Summoner was brought to life through the blood and sweat of the wonderfully talented men and women at gumi Europe, many of whom had already dedicated years to the Brave Frontier RPG project and were excited about this new beginning!


It is the result of more than 3 years of passion, struggles, miracles and most importantly hopes. We would have gone to the ends of the Earth to make it ever-more grandiose and popular, and although it didn’t find the huge audience it needed to thrive, it found you: our wonderful fans.


Thank you so much.


Before the BFTLS team disbands, why don’t we have a final chat? Meet us on the English Discord’s #chat-with-the-team on Tuesday, June 11, from 14:00 to 16:00 (GMT+2) so we can talk about this adventure together and properly say goodbye! :’)


- The Last Summoner Team







Is this a definitive closure? Why?


Yes, all game services will end on July 15th permanently.  As creators, we don’t like this closure any more than you do. We would have gladly kept updating BFTLS for years if it were as successful as we had hoped.


You said there will be a final update. What can we expect?


Lots of cool stuff! Click here to read about the Final Update and Events.


Can I get a refund for my recent purchases?


If you haven’t used your paid Orbs, you can ask for a refund. Keep in mind paid Orbs were always used before free Orbs. Find your total by tapping on the Orb counter on the top right corner of the main menu. Click here for more information.


So was it all for nothing? Did we all waste our time?


No, and we hope that’s not what you think!


In the 12 months since this adventure started, some of you made friends along the way, some started their YouTube channels and became important community members, some enjoyed sharing story theories and discussing with designers, some were just fans of the game itself and had a good time with it.


We could share many names of people who inspired us to raise the bar - Chioku, Zoraos, Blumare, Eike, Meliara, Maxxetto, Larat, Vannilla, Sushi, Reztreha, GeneralGiant, hwcuiii, dylan76 - but we would need more than a single paragraph for that.


Everyone has had a different experience as part of this lovely community, and everyone deserves thanks for contributing to it!


And who knows… Maybe the world of Vask will live on through fan fiction or art? It’s yours to play with. :)


What about the Forums and Discord?


Our official Website, Forums and Discord server will be taken offline after the end of the Refund period in September.


Until then, news will still be shared on all our communication platforms. However, these channels will only be used for announcement purposes rather than discussing with players.


If you have questions about your account, refunds or the closure of our Services, please visit our Customer Support Center.


Before the BFTLS team disbands, meet us on the English Discord’s #chat-with-the-team on Tuesday, June 11, from 14:00 to 16:00 (GMT+2) so we can talk about this adventure together and properly say goodbye! :’)

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