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Dev Diary #2 - New Starters! Pick a “Hero of Elgaia” (Reed, Lucana & more)


Will you choose Reed, Lucana, Nevsky or Eru? Hi, I’m Florian, Creative Director, and now that I have your full attention, let me tell you about the new “Starters” everyone’s getting in March!


Their release will coincide with Role Mastery, the new way of unlocking Roles revealed in the previous Dev Diary, so I suggest you also give that a read if you haven’t yet!


For the occasion of this game-changing update, I want to make sure every player can equally enjoy Role Mastery, no matter when they created their account.


What better way to do this than to update our Tutorial so that everyone gets a Super Rare Unit right from the start? Also, why don’t we make it a classic Unit from the original Brave Frontier? How about 4 of them, and they’re all new in BFTLS?!


That’s where “Heroes of Elgaia” come in! Let’s have a look!





• 4 NEW Starters: Classic BF “Heroes of Elgaia”


Remember Reed and Lucana from the BFTLS Prologue? They contributed to the arrival of humans on the world of Vask, and now they will finally join your Army!


With the Starters update, every player will start with Brook (a Rare Unit) AND 1 Hero of Elgaia (a Super Rare Unit): Reed, Lucana, Nevsky or Eru!


Note: This will replace the current choice between Alya, Lewin, Lars & Enna.


• Super Rare. Strong. Everyone chooses one!


“Starter” often carries the stigma of not being too powerful in the long run. That’s not the case here. All 4 Heroes of Elgaia are legitimate Super Rare Units.


Eventually, you may see opportunities to obtain all of them… But what’s for sure is that you only get to pick one at the beginning, so choose wisely!


• With their Skills, target an entire Army!


Like Brook, Reed has General Presence, so his Leader Skill can apply to an Army. But the others have special Skills only found in Spirits like Phoenix!


Lucana has Support Mastery, Nevsky has Guard Mastery and Eru has Burst Mastery. When those are unlocked for the Unit, their mono-target Skills become squad-targeting, and their squad-targeting Skills become ARMY-TARGETING!


See? I wasn’t joking about how powerful they are!


• Craft their 5★ Weapons with Mithril!


For each Hero of Elgaia, one brand new 5★ Weapon can be crafted in the Forge. While you can craft these Weapons as many times as you want, they will require Mithril, a material whose quantity is limited in the game (obtained as a Challenge reward for instance).


Also, to clarify, these are not the same Weapons as the 6★ rewards associated to these characters (i.e. Reed’s Sword).




Now you’ll be thinking: how do I get my Hero of Elgaia? Don’t worry, details will be shared once they are available. It is for everyone, not just new players, so look forward to more news!


In the meantime, I’ll leave you with the Stats for all of them! See you later!

- Florian








We hope you enjoyed this Dev Diary!


- The Last Summoner Team

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