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Dev Diary #3


Hello again, everyone! I’m Romain D. from the Game Design team and just like I promised last month, I’m now ready to share with you in-depth details about Role Mastery!


Before we get started, always keep in mind that what you’re about to read might still slightly change before release, and that we’ll always look at your feedback to make further adjustments where needed!


Role Mastery is pretty huge, so I’ll explain it to you step by step. Shall we?




• Every Unit in the game has 5 Role Gauges you must fill with Role Points (RP).


• Role Gauges go from 0 to 100 RP. At 100 RP, the Role is unlocked.


• All Units need 100 RP per Role, no matter their Rarity/Evolution.


• When all 5 Roles are unlocked, “Mastery” begins.




• After all 5 Roles are unlocked, you can start filling their Mastery Gauges, from 0 to 400 RP.


• Each RP gained in Mastery Gauges increases Mastery Bonuses (permanent Stats).


• Again, Rarity/Evolution makes no difference. All Units need 400 RP and get the same Bonuses.


• Note that purchasing the Ascend Skill is NOT required to gain Mastery Bonuses.


In this example, the Unit has the Leader Role with progress for Guardian, Breaker and Summoner.




• For every Role, filling their Mastery Gauge grants permanent Stat Bonuses to your Unit:


→ Up to +150 HP with Leader Mastery.

→ Up to +50 ATK with Breaker Mastery.

→ Up to +50 DEF with Guardian Mastery.

→ Up to +50 MAG with Oracle Mastery.

→ Up to +5 BC with Summoner Mastery.


• Every RP Counts! As your Mastery Gauge fills, its Bonus increases up to its maximum, such as:


→ Leader Mastery with 40 RP (10%) = +15HP

→ Leader Mastery with 200 RP (50%) = +75HP

→ Leader Mastery with 400 RP (100%) = +150HP


• Mastery Bonuses are the same for all Units, no matter their Rarity/Evolution.




• RP are not generated randomly. You transfer them from a Unit to another with Fusion.


• What you see is what you get! Fusing a Unit with the Breaker Role gives Breaker RP.


• RP from incomplete Role Gauges are also transferred, not just from unlocked Roles.


• Only Duplicate Units transfer all of their RP. Otherwise, you transfer less:


→ Transfer 100% RP:

Fuse Duplicate Units (any Rarity).


→ Transfer 50% RP:

Fuse SRS Units (4/5★ base Rarity “Super Rare”)


→ Transfer 15% RP:

Fuse RS Units (3★ base Rarity “Rare”)


→ Transfer 7% RP:

Fuse E Units (2★ base Rarity “Elite”)


→ Transfer 3% RP:

Fuse C Units (1★ base Rarity “Common”)




• Unit A has 100 Breaker RP and is SRS (50% transfer).


• If I fuse Unit A, it gives 50 Breaker RP to a Unit.


• Unit B has 500 Guardian RP, 200 RP in the other 4 Roles and is RS (15% transfer).


• If I fuse Unit B, it gives 75 Guardian RP and 30 RP in the other 4 Roles to a Unit.



The Fusion screen shows how many RP you've earned.
Note that for Story Units like Brook or Zola, Memories still unlock each Role (they give 100 RP).




• Every Unit can receive up to 2,400 RP (Unlocking = 100x4, Mastery = 400x5).


• You will ALWAYS gain RP for a Gauge as long as one is still incomplete. No RP is wasted!


• If a Role Gauge is complete but you receive RP for it, they go to another Gauge! No wastes!


• In those cases, the RP will fill 1 random Role Gauge, or more if several Gauges reach their max.




• Unit A has 100 Breaker RP and is SRS (50% transfer). It gives 50 Breaker RP.


• Unit B has 100 Breaker RP.


• I can fuse Unit A into Unit B, but Unit B can’t receive more Breaker RP!


• Instead, Unit B will get 50 RP in 1 of the other Role Gauges, chosen randomly.


• If that random Role Gauge reaches its max, remaining RP fill another Gauge, etc.




• Meet the 6 Níðs, new Items like Metal Gods (similar to Imps from the original Brave Frontier).



• When fused, each Níð gives RP in the Role they represent:

→ (1) Oracle-Níð-Goin = +100 Oracle RP

→ (2) Guardian-Níð-Nidhogg = +100 Guardian RP

→ (3) Leader-Níð-Moin = +100 Leader RP

→ (4) Summoner-Níð-Adder = +100 Summoner RP

→ (5) Breaker-Níð-Grabak = +100 Breaker RP

→ (6) Níð-Hidden-Sublime = +100 RP in all 5 Roles


• Níð Units can save precious time, so they are very rare (like Mithril Crystals).


• By the way, Níð is pronounced "Nith", not "Knee-Oh" :P


And that’s everything! You probably have lots of questions, and the team is looking forward to seeing them on the Forums or Discord! But first, there’s one question I can already answer.


When is Role Mastery coming out?

Within the next 2 weeks in Update 2.4, along with the new Starters! See you then!



- Romain D.


We hope you enjoyed this Dev Diary!



- The Last Summoner Team

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