[Feb. 13] Dev Diary #1 - Major Roles Revamp and Role Mastery | gumi

[Feb. 13] Dev Diary #1 - Major Roles Revamp and Role Mastery


Hello everyone, I’m Romain D. from the Game Design team. In this blog, I’ll give you a first look at “Role Mastery”, the massive revamp for Unit Roles teased in December!


Unit Roles is one of the game’s core concepts, needed to unleash a Unit’s full potential, but it’s been often described as “pay-to-win” by the community due to the requirement of Unit Duplicates.


With the “Role Mastery” update, the GD team and I set out to address that criticism while making Role unlocking more fun and rewarding. 2 months and several concepts later, I am super pleased to reveal the version we’re going with:


• You won’t need Unit Duplicates!


Unlocking Roles will happen progressively through Fusion with ANY Unit (tip: Metal Gods are Items, not Units!) or with new, special Items. Unit Duplicates still instantly unlock a Role.


• You will progress with each Fusion!


For every Unit, each Role has a gauge you must fill. Every Fusion slightly or significantly fills up one or several Role gauges (depending on Rarity/Role progress of fused Units). Once a gauge is 100% full, the Role is unlocked.


• You will increase your Stats with Mastery!


After all Roles are unlocked, they all get a second “Mastery” gauge. 100% filling these new gauges takes longer, but you will progressively receive permanent Stat Boosts for your Unit  (like Imps in the original Brave Frontier).



Here is a visual mockup put together by our Art Team this week. That’s just a concept for the interface with placeholder values, it does not reflect how the feature works!


With this simplified summary, you’ve probably realized how game-changing Role Mastery will be for BFTLS! I am definitely looking forward to seeing your feedback now that it’s been introduced to you!


My next task is to fine-tune the balancing for this important update, such as how much of a gauge is filled depending on the Rarity and the Role Mastery progression of the Units you fused.


Do keep in mind that Role Mastery is still in development and some of the details I’ve shared with you today might change by the time it is released, which I expect will be this March.


Don’t worry, you’ll be hearing more in early March: in the next Dev Diary, I’ll be going a lot more in-depth, with specific examples, so that you can keep up with how development is going along.


Thank you for your time, I’ll go back to it now!



We hope you enjoyed this Dev Diary!


Don’t hesitate to ask your questions in our 2nd Questions & Answers session early next week!


- The Last Summoner Team

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