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Game Update - Feb. 6

SERVER UPDATE - Your game data will be automatically updated the next time you launch the game. Check out the patch notes below!




NEW ACT in Season 1 - Chapter 4: Pilgrims of Faraway


• Play the Story of Trigg Wanderhill in Act 4!

• New Acts are released regularly, stay tuned!



Can you imagine fighting with a plastic sword? *squeak squeak*
No doubt battles would look quite stup…uhm, epic! But they may take a while, huh!

Introducing new Forge recipes: Memories Weapons!


- Forge 5 new 5-star Weapons (Bow, Dagger, Scepter, Spear and Shield):

• Each Weapon costs 5,000,000 Zel.

• Each Weapon requires Summoner Level 100.


- Forge 1 new 6-star Dual Swords:

• This Weapon costs 7,000,000 Zel.

• This Weapon requires Summoner Level 120.

• This Weapon requires 5 of each 5-star “Memories” Weapons.


What are you waiting for, Summoners? These Weapons won’t forge themselves!




• Play the Story of Trigg Wanderhill right now!


Check out the Memory Quest Banner on the Main Menu.



Completionists, your attention please! We’ve just added sweet new Objectives with great rewards for finishing Chapter 4, Act 4! What do you mean, it’s already done? You can’t possibly be that fast!



- Try your luck for Dual Swords Units now:

• SUPER CHANCES for excellent Dual Swords Units: Ayana, Geoffrey & Jesper!

• With each summon, get a random Bi-elemental Crystal, a 5-Star Evolution Material to help you evolve them faster!


- Thanks to player feedback, we’ve made several changes to specific Gates:


• The Chapter Gate features Chapter 1 once again with new SRS additions: Silk, Cree and Ayana. As usual, use 10 Summon Crystals to obtain a guaranteed Chapter 1 Unit.


• From now on, the Chapter Gate will change more regularly, still guaranteeing Units from specific Chapters. SRS Units (that were previously not included) might be added at any time!


• Both the Classic Summon and the Gold Summon Ticket Gates have been updated: they now contain more recently released Units (excluding Limited Units).




• The difficulty of some Chapter 3 Dungeons has been slightly lowered.

• The difficulty of the final boss of Chapter 4 - Act 1 has been lowered.

• Up to Summoner Level 40, the Squad Cost cap increases faster than before.

• Evolving Brook is now easier. Costs are lower for each Evolution Stage.

• Autipki, the Winter Holiday Weapon, is now a 5-stars Weapon instead of 6-stars.



• Peona’s Event Weapons Recipes have been removed from the Forge.

• Using Orbs, you can unlock 40 extra Units Slots.


Thank you for playing! Look forward to the next update!


- The Last Summoner Team

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