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Game Update - Mar. 6


SERVER UPDATE - Your game data will be automatically updated the next time you launch the game. Check out the patch notes below!



Fire Dungeons: Mar. 6 01:00 am (PST / UTC - 8) - Mar. 20, 02:00 am (PDT / UTC -7)


Fight as fire as you can! For 2 weeks, feel the burning presence of your opponent, w’hot will you do? Be strong, I won’t give you my smoulder to cry on! Who knows, maybe you can become flameous! Fire is all you’ll be up against!


Take advantage of this information, and prepare your squads wisely, as your enemies won’t have any mercy for you!


• Fight only against Fire Enemies!

• You can fight with any Units, but Water Units are strongly recommended.

• There are 5 Acts, each containing 10 Dungeons.

• Each Act requires a specific Squad Size: 3v3 in Act 1, 5v5 in Act 2, 10v10 in Act 3, 15v15 in Act 4 and 25v25 in Act 5!

• Special Objectives rewards: Get a Fire Elemental 5★ Weapon for each Act you finish!

• Access this new Map by clicking in the Banner in the Quests Menu.



- Try your luck for Chapter 2 Units now:

• 100% CHANCES to get Chapter 2 Units in the Hero Gate!

• We’ve added Chapter 2 Units that previously weren’t in this Gate.



• Valentine’s Day Weapon Recipes have been removed from the Forge.


• Stats for Lancer Units have been increased in general (now Rank A, up from C, in “Guide #2”).

• Weapon damage for all Arena Season 1 Weapons has been raised to be in line with other Weapons from the same categories (thank you Taloo for pointing it out in our Q&A).

• “Harvester Mastery” Skill has been redesigned as follows:

Normal Skill: Units generate their maximum amount of battle crystals during 1 turn.

Max: Units generate their maximum amount of battle crystals during 5 turns. Heals 10+(10% of unit's MAG) HP for the squad at the end of the turn during 5 turns.



• Fixed many visual glitches.


Thank you for playing! Look forward to the next update!


- The Last Summoner Team

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