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Game Update - Nov. 28

SERVER UPDATE - Your game data will be automatically updated the next time you launch the game. Check out the patch notes below!


Huge thanks to everyone currently participating in the Arena Closed Beta, your feedback is extremely appreciated. If you want to provide more feedback, join the Discord Server and our Facebook Page.


However, we have detected the use of game exploits to gain unfair advantages against other players. Even during the mode's Closed Beta period, cheating is absolutely NOT tolerated, and you will be sanctioned should you choose to abuse any exploit. Please do play fairly!


Rest assured we are hard at work to iron out all possible bugs and exploits as we prepare for the full Arena release, coming next week!








Season 1 - Chapter 4: Pilgrims of Faraway just begun with the release of the Act 1! Play these new Story, Harvest and Challenge dungeons! New Acts are released regularly, stay tuned!



Rumors of a secret challenge are spreading around Vask... Only the mightiest of all players who’ve bested all of Chapter 3’s Challenge+ can see it. Have you the power to defeat this challenge and unlock its secret Weapon?



Already done everything? Maybe not? Well, anyway, we add a bunch of Objectives for you to complete, and get even more rewards after completing the Chapter 4!



A new Memory Quest has been released: Play the Story of Lilly Widetalen. Check out the Memory Quest Banner on the Main Menu.



Try your luck for Fire Units NOW:

• SUPER CHANCES for excellent Fire Units: Cerys, Reynarda and Grace!

• With each summon, get a random Bi-elemental Fire Crystal, a 5-Star Evolution Material to help you evolve them faster!







• Arena: Gate rewards have been rebalanced in various ways.

• Arena: The Star Gate can now be open after 16 Stars instead of 15.

• Forge: The 3-stars recipes have been removed from the Forge. In order to compensate, the 4-stars recipes are cheaper, and requirements to unlock them have been reduced. This is the first part of the Forge modifications. More details about these modifications really soon, stay tuned!

• Fixed the behavior and total HP of the Chapter 3, Act 8-10 Boss (Grand Jelly), which was easier than designed and intended.



As part of our Arena Closed Beta, we wish to conduct a network stress test on November 28.


For this reason, on Nov. 28, the Arena will only be available for 1 hour instead of 2 hours, starting at 08:00 PST (UTC-8) / 17:00 CET (UTC+1).


For the best results, we would greatly appreciate your participation today so our team can provide you with the best service when the Arena officially launches!




Thank you for playing! Look forward to the next update!


- The Last Summoner Team

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