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Guide #2 - Unit Class Strengths & Weaknesses

Learn all about the strengths and weaknesses of each Unit Class and assemble the perfect Squads!

Scroll down to the bottom for a full explanation of each Stat/Value/Category!

Last updated on: April 15th.

Full Explanation


• Stats Balance: Indicates which Stat (ATK, DEF or MAG) received more (+) or a lot more (++) points than the others. “BAL” means it was balanced for all.


• Power Ratings: Indicate how the Unit’s strengths and weaknesses are balanced, from E (lowest) to S (highest).


S = Excellent!

A = Very good.

B = Good.

C = Average.

D = Weak.

E = Very weak.


Stats: Higher rank means better Stats in general for more battle efficiency.


Skills: Higher rank means more Spheres to buy with Zel (different Skills and/or upgrades)


Infiltration: Higher rank means the range at which Infiltration activates is higher. When activated, it gives better Critical Hit rate and less chances of being blocked/intercepted.


• Initiative: Value indicates how fast the Unit is, adding to a Squad’s Total Initiative to give you the upper hand in combat (attack first and/or several times in a row).


• Damage: Value indicates the maximum Damage your Unit can inflict (base value, varies depending on the Weapon used).


• Hitcount: Value indicates how many times a normal attack hits the enemy. More hits means your damage multiplier activates faster and your summoner gauge fills up faster.


• Max BC Drop: Value indicates the maximum number of Battle Crystals a Unit can generate every turn on their first hit (always random, minimum 1 guaranteed).


• Interception: Value indicates the chance of hitting an enemy who attacks an ally.


• Block: Value indicates the chance of stopping an enemy attack who targets an ally.


• Dodge: Value indicates the chance of avoiding some damage from an enemy attack.


• Counter: Value indicates the chance of hitting back an enemy right after they hit you.





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