[Mar. 20] Dev Diary #4 - Guilds | gumi

[Mar. 20] Dev Diary #4 - Guilds



Still excited by Role Mastery and the new Starters? Why stop there?!


Hi, it’s me again, the Romain D. from the Game Design team! You’ve read the title, so you already know what this is about: the Guilds social feature is our next big update and I’m giving you a first look!


Our ambition for Guilds will require more than one update. In this diary, I will focus on the main features Guilds will launch with (aiming for late April), but you’ll also get a teaser at what’s next.


Keep in mind most of what I am presenting is still in development and may change before release, so we are definitely looking forward to your feedback as we finalize the feature. Let’s get started!


First things first, before you can join or create a Guild, your Summoner Level must be high enough (we’re thinking of a Level 20 requirement).


The Guild Menu will be available right next to the Quest Menu.




• You can choose your own custom name and description.

• From a selection, you pick a badge and a main language.

• Decide who can join: anyone, requests only or no one.

• Optional: You can set minimum Reputation Points (Arena) required to join.


That’s it! Creating it will cost you a bit of Karma, and then your Guild is available!


Here are some of the badges you'll be able to choose from.




• You can search any Guild by its name, but we will also list a couple of suggestions.

• Advanced search lets you restrict by language, requirements, etc.

• Tapping on any Guild displays its description, members and more.

• Send a Join request and wait for approval, or directly join Open Guilds.




• The Guild Menu becomes a real-time chat (50 players maximum).

• You can see how much of the Weekly Objective your Guild has done.

• You can tap on Guild Members to see their Profile and Objective contribution.


Here's how the chat looks like when typing a new message.




• Every player will have a Profile page when Guilds launch.

• Access your own page or someone else’s to see various details such as:

- Current level and EXP needed for next level.

- Arena team, total victories and highest Esteem Points.

- Contribution to the Weekly Objective.

- Last connection date.




• Every week, every Guild gets the same Objective.

• This is a group effort! You must help your Guild reach Objective Milestones.

• Each of the 5 Milestones instantly rewards all Guild Members when reached.

• Rewards are distributed instantly to all eligible* Guild Members.


*This means Members must belong to the same Guild for 5 days and contribute to the Objective to receive Rewards.




By default, the Guild creator holds the General position. Everyone else is a Member.


There are 4 positions with cumulative privileges:

• Members: No privileges.

• Guardians: Accept Join Requests, kick Members out.

• Leaders: Promote/Demote/Kick up to Guardians, edit Guild (description, requirements, etc.).

• General: Promote/Demote/Kick up to Leaders, step down and choose a new General.




• All Guilds are ranked based on the Arena Esteem Points of their Members.

• Only a % of each Member’s Esteem Points contributes to this, so all must participate.

• Some events may reward Guilds based on their Leaderboard rank.




• Item Requests/Giveaway with benefits: Every day, you can pick a Weapon or Item from a selection and ask your fellow Guild Members to gift them to you. Gifting something earns you Karma & EXP.


• Friendly PvP Arena training: Fight just like the Arena, but you get to pick your opponent. Obviously there are no rewards for this.



And that’s all I’ve got for today!


I’m sure you’re pretty curious about what kind of Objectives you will have to complete and the rewards you’ll get. These are still being designed, so look forward to learning more later!




We hope you enjoyed this dev diary!


Make sure to ask your questions in our upcoming Questions & Answer session later this week!


- The Last Summoner Team

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