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[May. 2] - Update 2.5 - Guilds BETA

APPLICATION UPDATE - As soon as it is available, you will be prompted to download the latest game update from Google Play or the App Store the next time you launch the game.


Update 2.5 brings the foundation of our big upcoming social feature: Guilds! A short BETA will take place later this month to let some players access a small part of the Guild features planned for launch.


Please read below for all details about the BETA!




The BFTLS team is currently putting the finishing touches to the highly anticipated Guilds feature! Can’t wait for it? You’re in luck because we’re having a BETA!


Here’s everything you need to know:

• BETA period will be announced separately. Stay tuned!

• Access to the BETA may be very limited. Players will be granted access depending on technical stability and testing necessity.

• The main purpose of the BETA is to verify the stability of the in-game Chat. Therefore, not all Guilds features will be available.


During the BETA period, we intend to make the following features available:

• Guild Creation/Customization and Joining.

• Guild chat (up to 50 players).

• Guild Moderation (kick/promote/recruit).

• Guild Leaderboards.


Stay tuned for the BETA Start announcement! If you’re interested in reading about the development of Guilds, you can have a look at our Dev Diary #4.





• The range of effectiveness for Interception and Block is a lot bigger and stricter:

- For instance, a back line Heavy Sword Unit trying to hit a back line Bow Unit with 2 Shield Units in front of them is now almost impossible, forcing you to adapt your strategy with appropriate Unit Classes and positions.


• As specified in Julius’ Reveal Announcement, the following Skill is back to normal:
- Brave Support “Giant Storm”: The Healing over time effect is replaced by a direct Healing on giant units. Its description has been updated.



• Fixed an issue causing Leader Skills to apply to all squads instead of only one.

• Healing over time and poison effects applied via active skills won’t stack anymore.

• Fixed an issue that prevented players from targeting a specific enemy due to odd hitboxes.

• Fixed a display issue when Poison and Healing effects were active at the same time on a Unit.

• Fixed a display issue with Gift Calendar progression when accessed manually.

• Fixed an issue that removed the button to add a Unit Inventory slot.

• Fixed an issue causing a Spirit’s debuff to apply to the wrong squad.

• The red badge should disappear after collecting your Arena Gate.

• Fixed a source of crash and freeze issues in Arena when someone gives up.

• Fixed a crash issue when connecting to your gumi account.

• Fixed a major issue with iPhone 5 causing the game to not work. Affected players can contact Customer Support for compensation information.

• Fixed some display issues on iPhone X devices.

• Fixed background issues in various dungeons.

• Fixed some minor localization issues.

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