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New Unit - Avant


- Avant can be obtained for the first time in this event! Be the first to enjoy this NEW RELEASE with SUPER CHANCES to celebrate!




• PERIOD: Jan. 4, 0:01 am - Jan. 10, 11:59 pm (PDT / UTC -8)


• SPECIAL OFFER: Perform 10 Summons for the price of 8 with Multi-Summon!


- Avant has increased chances of being summoned.

- Each attempt costs 250 Orbs and provides 1 Unit.

- Each attempt in the Multi-Summon gate costs 2,000 Orbs and provides 10 Units (2 Bonus Units!).

- Avant is also available in his special Ticket Summon Gate! Be sure to check it out!


Try your luck to obtain Avant from the BRAVE FRONTIER Series during this LIMITED RATE UP event! Find out special details below!





“Making them regret this isn't enough. I will pulverize their souls! And my fire will incinerate the gods!”


Avant is a knight who served the Agni Empire before the great war with the gods. Formal records depicting his service state that he vanished after having been granted an audience with the emperor. While out on a mission he suffered an accident that left him in a state of amnesia.


Why should you recruit Avant?

Vargas is a name that sounds hauntingly familiar to Avant. Try as he may, though, he just can’t seem to recall the memory. Fear not, this weakness won’t put you at a disadvantage on the battlefield. His Blazing Inferno - attacking all foes with never before seen damage - will leave the battlefield and everyone who stands against you in ashes. Furthermore, his Flare Dust may get your troops close to being as strong as he is. In return he will ask you only to… remember.


Need help to understand all the icons?

Check out the “Be a Pro! - Full Skill List” news! Click here!





Even though Avant’s memory needs to be jogged at times, you will definitely want to use his skills which are as fresh as Avant’s mind once used to be.



• Brave Burst “Blazing Inferno”

• Skill effect (1★ values): Fire magic attack dealing 31 - 63 damage boosted by MAG to an enemy squad.



• Brave Support “Flare Dust”

• Skill effect (1★ values): Boosts critical hit rate by 15% for the squad during 3 turns. Boosts ATK by 30% for the squad during 3 turns.

• Advanced Skill effect (5★ values): Boosts critical hit rate by 30% for the squad during 3 turns. Boosts ATK by 45% for the squad during 3 turns. Boosts critical hit damage by 50% for the squad during 3 turns.



Did you know?

For a chance to increase a Unit’s maximum Spheres to be able to activate more Skill Spheres with Zel, fuse into them lots of other Units. You’ll have more chances by fusing Units from the same Series, and it’s guaranteed when fusing Burst Frogs or a duplicate of your Unit!




- The Last Summoner Team





What are Rate Up events?

Your BEST chances to get specific Rare Summons! You may never have such an opportunity in the future! So don’t hesitate!


What are SUPER Rare Summons?

THE RAREST UNITS IN THE GAME!! These Units START at 4-Stars, evolving to 5-Stars! With the BEST skills and upgrades - including the exceptional Ascend Skill - they outrank Common Summons (1 to 3★), Elite Summons (2 to 4★) and even Rare Summons (3 to 5★).

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