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New Unit - Gazolina


Obtain Gazolina from the BRAVE FRONTIER Series in this LIMITED SUMMON event! Find all Unit details below!




PERIOD: May 17, 01:01 am - May 24, 01:00 am (PDT / UTC-7)


RARITY: Gazolina is Super Rare (5★) and Limited.

SPECIAL OFFER: GUARANTEED Gazolina for 30 summons, her Weapon for 50. More below!



• All Gates: Higher chances to summon Gazolina.

• All Gates: Chance of getting Gazolina’s Weapon if you get her.

• Gate 1: Get 1 Unit for 250 Orbs.

• Gate 2: Get 10 Units for 2,000 Orbs (save 500 Orbs!).

• Gate 3: Get 1 Unit for 1 Rainbow Ticket.


SPECIAL OFFER DETAILS: Guaranteed in Gates 2 and 3

• 30 Units Summoned: Get Gazolina (also for 60, 90, 120, 150).

• 40 Units Summoned: Get 3 Burst Frogs (also for 70, 100, 130).

• 50 Units Summoned: Get Gazolina’s Weapon.
• Extra: 1 Rainbow Summon Ticket for 80, 110 & 140 Units Summoned.

IMPORTANT: Progress in each Gate cannot be combined.





“I'll do anything to protect my allies.”


It’s still a mystery to these days, but no matter what is happening or where she is, Gazolina is able to find and distribute large quantities of water amongst those around her. One of Gazolina’s powers, if not the strangest one, allows her to protect her allies.



Support: NEW! Protective River, 4★

Guard: Blessed Barrier, 4★

Burst: Ethereal Blade, 3★ (Breaker Role)

Leader: Water Lord’s Power, 4★ (Leader Role)

Extra: Gazolina has a higher dodge rate than other Artillery Units (+10%)!




Let Gazolina’s power flow through you and get advantage of her strange, protective power!


Brave Support: “Protective River”


Skill effect (1★ values): Boosts DEF by 30% for the squad during 2 turns. Reduces elemental damage by 30% for the enemy squad during 2 turns.


Advanced Skill effect (5★ values): Boosts DEF & MAG by 45% for the squad during 5 turns. Reduces elemental damage by 60% for the enemy squad during 5 turns.

Impressive, right? Do you know who would get along with Gazolina? We think that if you introduced her to Elimo, their friendship would help your squad like nothing else! Gazolina will protect your Units, and Elimo will heal them! ;) Oh, and they’re both Water Units, AND their Leader Skill and Brave Burst RESONATE! Isn’t that the definition of “dream team”?!



Let’s have a look at Gazolina’s Weapon: Tech Tank




• Rarity: 5

• Initiative: 20

• Damage: 46-99

• Effects:

+Decreases the BC cost of each skill by 20%

+Heals 10+(10% of the Unit’s MAG) each turn

+Boosts ATK, DEF, MAG and HP by 10% and critical hit rate by 15%, only for Water units

+25% MAG

+25% DEF
+25% HP





Don't understand everything?


Follow our guides!


• For all Skill icons & descriptions:

Click HERE!


• For explanations about each Stat:

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Did you know?

Every time you fuse a Unit, you get:

• A chance to increase maximum Spheres.

• Role Points to unlock new Roles. Higher Rarity Units give more points!


What are Summon Events?

Unlike permanent Gates, Summon Event Gates give you the BEST chances to get specific Rare Summons! You may never have such an opportunity in the future! So don’t hesitate!


Are featured Units always guaranteed?

No, guaranteed bonuses only exist for specific Summon Event Gates when announced. Guaranteed bonuses may vary from one gate to another.


What are SUPER Rare Summons?

THE RAREST UNITS IN THE GAME: 4★ or 5★ base Rarity!! With the BEST skills and upgrade, they outrank Common (1★ base), Elite (2★ base) and Rare Summons (3★ base).




- The Last Summoner Team



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