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New Unit - Lanza

 - NEW RELEASE! Try your luck to obtain Lanza from the BRAVE FRONTIER Series LIMITED SUMMON event! Find all Unit details below!




PERIOD: Mar 29, 02:01 am - Apr 5, 01:00 am

(PDT / UTC -7)


RARITY: Lanza is Super Rare (5★ base).

SPECIAL OFFER: GUARANTEED Lanza for 30, his Weapon for 50 Summons. More below!



• All Gates: Higher chances to summon Lanza.

• All Gates: Chance of getting Lanza’s Weapon if you get him.

• Gate 1: Get 1 Unit for 250 Orbs.

• Gate 2: Get 10 Units for 2,000 Orbs (save 500 Orbs!).

• Gate 3: Get 1 Unit for 1 Rainbow Ticket.


SPECIAL OFFER DETAILS: Guaranteed in Event Gates 2 and 3

• 30 Units Summoned: Get Lanza (also for 60, 90, 120 and 150)

• 40 Units Summoned: Get 3 Burst Frogs (also for 70, 100 and 130)

• 50 Units Summoned: Get Lanza’s Weapon

• Extra: 1 Rainbow Summon Ticket for 80, 110 & 140 Units Summoned.

IMPORTANT: Progress in each Gate cannot be combined.






“If you've called me, that means...a fight?”


Lanza is a popular fighter from Vriksha who fought in the Grand Gaia Arena in the land of Atharva long before the great war between gods and humanity had even begun. Born in the Arena he grew up as a natural-born fighter. Fighting alongside a rival martial artist from Agni the two formed the “Zektasa” and fought many battles in the Arena’s history. Eventually, he retired as a gladiator due to severe injuries when the Arena mysteriously collapsed. Now he is preparing for a new fight. For you.


Lanza‘s Skills:

• Support: Rock Armor (Oracle Role)

• Guard: NEW! Fighting Fury, Level 4

• Burst: Gnawing Wood, Level 4

• Leader: Blade Master’s Power, Level 4



NEW Brave Guard: Fighting Fury


Normal Skill: Reduces ATK by 10% for an enemy squad during 2 turns. Boosts DEF by 30% for the squad during 2 turns.

Level 5: Reduces ATK by 25 % for an enemy squad during 3 turns. Boosts DEF by 45% for the squad during 3 turns. Boosts ATK by 45% for the squad during 3 turns.


Lanza’s Weapon: Dagurzafer


• Rarity: 5-Stars

• Initiative: 52

• Damage: 41-99

• Effects:

+Boosts BC each turn by +3

+20 Initiative

+25% ATK

+25% DEF

+25% HP


Need help to understand all the icons?

Read the “Guide #3 - Complete List of Skills” news!


Did you know?

Every time you fuse a Unit, you get:

• A chance to increase maximum Spheres.

• Role Points to unlock new Roles. Higher Rarity Units give more points!


What are Summon Events?

Unlike permanent Gates, Summon Event Gates give you the BEST chances to get specific Rare Summons! You may never have such an opportunity in the future! So don’t hesitate!


Are featured Units always guaranteed?

No, guaranteed bonuses only exist for specific Summon Event Gates when announced. Guaranteed bonuses may vary from one gate to another.


What are SUPER Rare Summons?

THE RAREST UNITS IN THE GAME: 4★ or 5★ base Rarity!! With the BEST skills and upgrades, they outrank Common (1★ base), Elite (2★ base) and Rare Summons (3★ base).


- The Last Summoner Team

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