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New Unit - Trigg



- NEW RELEASE! Try your luck to obtain Trigg from the PILGRIMS OF FARAWAY Series during this LIMITED RATE UP event!




PERIOD: Feb. 08, 01:01 am - Feb. 15, 00:59 am (PST / UTC-8)

RARITY: Trigg is Super Rare (4 to 5★). Unit details below!

GUARANTEED: Trigg for 30, his Weapon for 50 Summons, and more. See below!




- All Event Gates: Trigg has increased chances of being summoned.

- All Event Gates: Chance of getting Trigg’s Weapon if Trigg s summoned.

- Event Gate 1 (SINGLE): Get 1 Unit for 250 Orbs.

- Event Gate 2 (MULTI): Get 10 Units for 2,000 Orbs (8 + 2 Bonus Units!).

- Event Gate 3 (TICKET): Get 1 Unit for 1 Rainbow Ticket.


• GUARANTEED BONUSES - Only for Event Gates 2 and 3:


- 30 Units Summoned: Get 4★ Trigg (also for 60, 90, 120 and 150 Units)

- 40 Units Summoned: Get 3 Burst Frogs (also for 70, 100 and 130 Units)

- 50 Units Summoned: Get Trigg’s Weapon

- Extra: 1 Rainbow Summon Ticket for 80, 110 & 140 Units Summoned.


IMPORTANT: Progress in each Gate is separate.





“Too many of our people died. This will be my last battle, no matter what.”


Trigg Wanderhill is an elite warrior from Berserkerfell who decided to run away from his hometown due to the internal struggles of his people and his Jarl's politics. He wanted to pursue a new life, far away from the big city where he could live in peace. Faraway looked like the right place to settle down, but after roaming around for a long time and embarking upon several adventures, he realized that he wanted to look for another place to live.


Trigg, why should we recruit you?

“You wouldn't easily find an experienced warrior like me out there. I'm used to winning even the toughest fights on the battlefield thanks to my incredible skills. Enemies' barriers are a joke to me, and with the power of my unbelievable Lone Wolf skill I can boost my infiltration and attacks in no-time. Not a single enemy will escape from the power of my Gwaning Flame as they burn to ashes! Choose victory, choose me!”


Need help to understand all the icons?

Check out the “Be a Pro! - Full Skill List” news! Click here!



Did you know?

For a chance to increase a Unit’s maximum Spheres to be able to activate more Skill Spheres with Zel, fuse into them lots of other Units. You’ll have more chances by fusing Units from the same Series, and it’s guaranteed when fusing Burst Frogs or a duplicate of your Unit!





When summoning Trigg you will surely enjoy this skill he brings with him at Level 4!



Brave Guard: “Lone Wolf's Howl”

Skill effect (1★ values): Boosts infiltration damage by 70% for the unit during 3 turns. Boosts ATK by 50% for the unit during 3 turns.

Advanced Skill effect (5★ values): Boosts infiltration damage by 100% for the unit during 3 turns. Boosts ATK by 65% for the unit during 3 turns. Boosts critical hit rate by 30% for the unit during 3 turns.



- The Last Summoner Team



What are Rate Up events?

Your BEST chances to get specific Rare Summons! You may never have such an opportunity in the future! So don’t hesitate!


What are SUPER Rare Summons?

THE RAREST UNITS IN THE GAME!! These Units START at 4-Stars, evolving to 5-Stars! With the BEST skills and upgrades - including the exceptional Ascend Skill - they outrank Common Summons (1 to 3★), Elite Summons (2 to 4★) and even Rare Summons (3 to 5★).

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