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Newsletter | Apr. 2019


We hope you had a good laugh with yesterday’s April Fools “Fake Dev Diary”! Don’t worry, no good concept was harmed in the making of this delirious announcement. Do tell us what was your favorite fake reveal! ^^


Anyway, missed something in March? Don’t worry, the Summoner’s Newsletter recaps it all for you:


• Teasers from developer diaries!

• Latest updates and improvements!

• Awesome stuff from the community, and more!


Keep scrolling until the end: 20 Questions from players were answered by the team!










• Teaser from Dev Diary #4: Guilds are our next big update! Up to 50 Members can chat together and work on a common objective to unlock sweet rewards! More details: “Guilds” Dev Diary.


• Role Mastery: We launched a revolutionary update! UNLOCK roles without Duplicate Units! Even better, MASTER each role for permanent extra Stats! More details: “Role Mastery” Dev Diary.


• 4 New Starters: Everyone picks 1 Super Rare Unit at the start! Choose Reed, Lucana, Nevsky or Eru, 4 “Heroes of Elgaia” from the original Brave Frontier! More details: “Starters” Dev Diary.


• Even more Quality of Life: Faster battles, faster Parades, “Collect All” button, more squad presets, more inventory and battle options, etc! We’re making sure BFTLS keeps getting more enjoyable!


• Mithril Crystals: Want to craft some of the most powerful Weapons in the Forge? You’ll need Mithril, a material that can’t be farmed! Get it as rewards for new challenges!


• Redesigned Prologue: Overhauled with new visuals and storytelling (including parts of Chapter 1). Want to see what’s changed? Replay it at any time in the Memories menu, under “Grand Gaia”.


• We released 4 Units: Riho, Diana (BF Classic), Eggil and Lanza (BF Classic).


• The following Limited Units returned temporarily: Krantz, Shion, Nuala & Shendrel. Always stay tuned, you don’t want to miss future events!





Thanks to all YouTubers creating BFTLS content, we appreciate it!

Support them! Check their channels out:


• [English] “Chioku Gaming” - Check out video reviews for Krantz, Shion and more!

• [English] “Zoraos” - Learn more about strategies for the Trial or Bifrosts and more!

• [French] “Zechs Merquise” - Frequent Let’s Play videos with reviews for Eggil and more!

• [Spanish] “SunDark Plays” - For story walkthroughs with a video for each new Act!


Of course, video content is not everything we see. Fanart is always super sweet to see!


“Edda Snorri just chilling, eating her tasty Phoenix chips”

From Jollygabry




Alternate name suggested by Vannilla: “Draw me like one of your Teelandian girls”. Accurate!






→ Need to read the news during a maintenance? Just launch the game and tap the Gear icon in the top right corner. News are always available there!




Wait, was that… an actually useful tip?! How strange… Come back next month, we are confident our next Pro-Tip will blow you away with how useless it will be.






• Blooooooarrrgghhh?



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Q&A #3 - APRIL 2019


Every month, we hold an official “Questions & Answers” session on our Forums. Answers from the development team will be published in our Summoner’s Newsletter! Don’t hesitate to ask your questions in the next session!


1. Event content (such as Elemental Bifrost) can easily be autoplayed by long time players. Will you add increased difficulty levels? (A+Energy)


Our plan is to have another run of past Elemental Bifrosts with updated Units and Weapons. If you have suggestions to make this content more challenging, never hesitate to share them!


2. Will we ever be able to unlock Unit skins (via misions or events)? (Arcangelis)


At the moment this is not planned.


3. Shouldn't Krantz and Shion be above "SRS" since their base Rarity is 5-stars? (CarlosGFV)


No, the SRS category includes Units with 4 or 5-stars as a base Rarity.


4. Will there be other languages available in the Guild chat other than those already present in the game? And if so, what are they? (Corax)


The language you want guild members to speak in the chat is ultimately up to you. Game translations won't change and the "Main language" indicator for your guild will offer the same options, but you can be more specific in your description.


5. Will you create an Official Wiki one day? (Dadox)


Not officially, but we may lend a helping hand to community-made Wikis should they be sufficiently organized! Officially, we work on in-game "Info" pop-ups and plan to add an index of all Units in the game so that you get more information straight from the application.


6. Will you create dungeons that require Units of a specific Element? (Ezrok)


We may consider this in the future, but cannot confirm development plans here.


7. Is there going to be a feature where we can gain energy without using Orbs? (Falconbridge)


We do plan to create an item that players can use to refill energy, eventually.


8. Will there be other ways to obtain 1*/2* units without Karma Summon? For example, in the original Brave Frontier, you could loot Units in battle. Will BFTLS have this? (Gabrytales96, Tdkanimkos)


While directly looting Units is not planned, we have added various ways of obtaining Rare Summon Tickets such as playing the Royal Parade or the Arena. More suggestions are always welcome.


9. What can we expect from the next trial? (when will it be, who will it be etc.) (GeneralG)


It will be revealed in due time. We know many of you are eager to see this new challenge considering it was originally planned for Winter. Development time has been extended to make it extra nice so look forward to a new Trial in Spring!


10. Will there ever be bonuses for pairing a Unit with its unique Weapon? (i.e. if I give Vargas Dandelga, will he get extra boosts than if I gave Dandelga to Brook) (GeneralG)


Added bonuses like this are not planned at the moment. However we do design such Weapons so that they work especially well with their original holders.


11. Seeing a Gold Summon Gate but getting an RS Unit rather than SRS is very frustrating. Will you eventually remove 4* versions of RS, keeping only the 3*? (Kesako, Geon)


This is a consequence of gate visuals being are related to the number of stars of the Unit you receive. We understand it can be frustrating for some players so we will definitely consider changing it.


12. Will there be more units like Starters that will be able to affect armies (either attacking or buffing) (KingBlkDrag)


We are exploring various interesting skill ideas as we speak, so you may see more Army-targetting skills.


13. How can you summon Spirits above 6*? (KingBlkDrag)


This is currently impossible during the 5-star era of BFTLS. Spirit rarity is locked by your Unit's rarity (current maximum is 5-star + 1 level with the Ascend Skill), so eventually once we move on to eras of higher rarities, you will be able to unleash stronger Spirits!


14. Now that many new skills have been created, will you consider adding new Spirits? (Nakir, noefzo)


Indeed, we are thinking about it. Stay tuned :)


15. Were parades nerfed (gave less resources like zel) when they were shortened? (PikDaCat)


They were not. Keep in mind that you gain less resources if you let Autobattle go through the Parade for you. Manual play is more rewarding by design.


16. Some BF units have been added to the game. Will there be more specials like out of the European “Avalon” Series? (Reztreha)


Any Unit from previous BF games has a chance to return in BFTLS.


17. Will there be ways to obtain Níðs such as a Parade, or will it only obtained through gifts or events? (Shyguy1165, Jenny)


Níðs are extremely valuable in the game and are meant to be rare. While there will be special events where you can win them, we do not plan to create a Parade to farm those creatures.


18. Will there ever be new game modes? Like Raids, Boss Fights for Guilds, other activities? (Starlyte, LordEinfallslos, Sheik55)


Our long-term plan is to expand the game from the Guild functionnalities so that eventually you get to play in realtime with your friends.


19. Can we get mithril in another way? (Teoscorpion91)


It is meant to be a limited, hard to obtain resource. Still, more ways of obtaining those crystals might be added in time.


20. Are there any plans to add more Events during the weekend? (XLuigiX02)


We are considering opening dungeons that give various rewards, or featuring some at a lower Energy cost that usual.


One last thing, with more than 80 questions submitted to us (twice as much as last time!), there was an abundance of suggestions about the Forge, Skills, Spirits, animations, etc.


Know that while these are not addressed in our Q&A, our development team is well aware of your feedback and is very thankful for it! Hopefully future updates will include some of your requests!




That’s it for this month! Again, if you have any suggestions to make the next newsletter more awesome, share your thoughts with us on the Forums!


We’re looking forward to a very exciting April with all of you! ;)


- The Last Summoner Team

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