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Newsletter - Mar. 2019


Missed something in February? Don’t worry, the Summoner’s Newsletter recaps it all for you:


• Teasers from developer diaries!

• Latest updates and improvements!

• Awesome stuff from the community, and more!


Keep scrolling until the end: 10+ Questions from players were answered by the team!










• Teaser from Dev Diary #1: In March, you will be able to UNLOCK Roles without Duplicate Units! More details in the “Role Mastery” Dev Diary.


• Teaser from Dev Diary #2: In March, you will get 1 SUPER RARE Starter Unit! Choose your “Hero of Elgaia”: Reed, Lucana, Nevsky or Eru! More details in the “Starters” Dev Diary.


• The community asked for “Quality of Life” enhancements, and Update 2.3 delivered! Unit Favorite button, Inventory sorting options, faster battle transitions, you name it!


• To facilitate player strategy, we revealed in-depth Stats for Unit Classes (i.e. Interception Rate, Damage, etc.). More details in the “Guide #2” news.


• We rebalanced several Unit Classes/Weapons to stay within the meta, and launched PvP Season 2 with several fixes and improvements for the Arena.


• We celebrated Valentine’s Day with style! You could obtain the SUPER RARE “Betella” Unit by finishing the “Frontier Breakers” Quest map, with many other rewards such as new Weapons!


• We released 4 Units: Helva, Trigg, Renoa (Valentine’s Day) and Elimo (BF Classic).






Thanks to all YouTubers creating BFTLS content, we appreciate it!

Support them! Check their channels out:


• [English] “Chioku Gaming” opened on Feb. 21 with BFTLS tutorial videos and more.

• [English] “Zoraos” now has more than 50 videos, especially strategies for challenges!

• [Spanish] “SunDark Plays” uploads story cutscenes and fights with more than 60 clips.

• [French] “Zechs Merquise” has more than 30 BFTLS videos with Unit Analysis content!

• [French] “RazorT” started uploading BFTLS content on Feb. 18.


• With more than 30 artworks submitted, thanks to everyone who participated in our “Unusual Couples” Valentine’s Day Art Contest! Check them out on Facebook!


Congratulations to the 6 winners:























→ Have too much Energy to spend? Try launching a Quest!




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• Did you know that, technically, game creators can join the fandom of their own game? :p We’re happy to share this Sky Flint fanart from BFTLS artist @erumi_n !



• Many thanks to players who shared photos of their companions on #LoveYourPetDay, it warms our hearts.


• We’re still trying to understand what Cree told us for #MotherLanguageDay. Any help is appreciated!



For more fun stuff, make sure to follow us @BFTLS.




Q&A #2 - MARCH 2019


Every month, we hold an official “Questions & Answers” session on our Forums. Answers from the development team will be published in our Summoner’s Newsletter! Don’t hesitate to ask your questions in the next session!


1. Will there be "Unit of Choice" events in TLS? (Alejandrom)


We do enjoy this concept, so it's not out of the question, but until they happen we can't confirm we'll do any events like this.


2. Why is there such a big difference of power between 3 to 5-star Units and 4 to 5-star Units? (alexvozian)


There are different tiers for Units depending on their lowest Rarity: Common (1-star), Elite (2-star), Rare (3-star) and Super Rare (4 or 5-star). Higher tiers will be more powerful in general and will define the game's meta.


3. Is there going to be a Unit Guide like in BFRPG where all units are listed? (BlackAngel)


We plan to update the Memories menu so that it works like an index of all Units in the game. It will show their stats and give you an access to their playable Memories. Please let us know if you have any suggestions regarding this feature.


4. Will there be other alternative contests for the Community like a writing contest? (Dainserk)


Yes, so far we've had a writing contest in December and an artwork contest in February, so we'll definitely change things up from one contest to another.


5. Could you give us more details about how much the upcoming role mastery gauge will be filled when fusing the units? (Dainserk)


Not right here, but look forward to our 3rd Dev Diary early in March where we will give you such details!


6. In the Arena, would you consider showing a slide diagram of the attack order? (Gkikr)


This improvement may be considered for development.


7. Will there be an option to transfer accounts from one device to another without having to go through the tutorial again and creating a new account? (lavafuego)


With our next Client update in March, you will be able to manage several accounts from the login menu. After that, another future update will enable the loading of an account right from the tutorial.


8. Will the Level Design of the Element Bifrost dungeons will be reworked? Right now, they are a bit long and repetitive. Same thing for the 3-stars scoring. (Nozurys)


Bifrost will come back with new levels and a rebalancing of Star score requirements. Please keep sharing your feedback so we can create the best experience possible.


9. Will you add an Epic Karma Parade for faster farming? (Shyguy1165)


We do have plans to improve Parades in Spring, stay tuned!


10. Are there plans to rework Arena progression to reach the highest leagues? (Taloo)


League requirements will be updated for Arena Seaon 3 so that top players can reach the highest leagues.


11. Will there be a story involving time travel or parallel worlds? (Tdkanimkos)


Are you 100% sure you didn't notice anything like this in all our story content?


12. Will there be interaction between players other than the Arena and Guilds? (chat rooms, gifts, cooperative mode). (Teoscorpion91)


We do have many ideas in mind that we'll share throughout the year. Right now Guilds are our focus for Spring 2019, and they will include chat rooms as well as the ability to exchange items.


13. Are there any plans for costumes or any kind of cosmetics? (zeropunchline)


It is never out of the question, but such things wouldn't be revealed here.




That’s it for this month! Again, if you have any suggestion to make the next newsletter more awesome, share your thoughts with us on the Forums!


We’re looking forward to a very exciting March with all of you! ;)


- The Last Summoner Team

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