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Newsletter | May 2019


Missed something in April? Don’t worry, the Summoner’s Newsletter recaps it all for you!


Keep scrolling until the end: 14 Questions from players were answered by the team!







• First things first, the Guilds BETA is starting soon! More details: “Guilds” BETA.


• Spring 2019 event: We launched “Tricksters of Fate”, a new limited Quest Map in which you can earn lots of Orbs, the fantastic Níðs and the special “Spring Lucy” Unit! More details: Event news.


• Story Chapter 4 has concluded, rewarding players with Ægir, a unique Giant Unit! Stay tuned for Chapter 5… ;)


• We released 4 Units: Merja, Julius, Mare (BF Classic), Grainne (Spring).


• The following Limited Units returned temporarily: Elza & Alice! Always stay tuned, you don’t want to miss future events!


• We sure had fun with this year’s April Fools! If you want to laugh again or haven’t had the chance to see our fake reveals, check out the April Fools announcement here!





Thanks to all YouTubers creating BFTLS content, we appreciate it!


Support them! Check their channels out:

• [English] “Chioku Gaming

• [English] “Zoraos

• [French] “Zechs Merquise


Ægir is such a cooll Giant dad, hwcuiii had to share this fan art with us!



Dads are tough :P



→ Never believe the news on April 1st, unless they’re real.


Come back next month for another Pro-Tip that will blow you mind!





• Blooooooarrrgghhh?



Not many things are as cute as Great Jelly cosplaying as Spring Lucy!


If you love this, then you MUST follow us @BFTLS for more awesomeness. Maybe Great Jelly will spend some time at the beach soon?!


Q&A #4 - MAY 2019


Every month, we hold an official “Questions & Answers” session on our Forums. Answers from the development team will be published in our Summoner’s Newsletter! Don’t hesitate to ask your questions in the next session!


1. Will 6-stars Weapons ever get buffed? They should have a better damage ratio with how easy it is to get 5-stars Weapons as opposed to the time and work put into earning 6-stars Weapons. (Akriloth)


We've done several Weapon/Unit Class updates this year already so we will definitely give another look at these Weapons in particular.


2. Will there ever be a separate "Squad Edit" menu to change Unit presets at any time and even add a name to each Squad? (Alexis)


While it's not entirely off the table, such a feature would actually require a pretty big redesign of how Squad Edits currently works in the game, so at the moment we would rather focus on important features more easily implemented.


3. Will Chapter 4 have a Secret Dungeon like the others? Will we fight Eze? (Changiiee)


Hmm... That would make sense. Stay tuned!


4. Will we eventually be able to summon Selena just like Vargas (0.5% chance every day)? (Changiiee)


Maybe... ;)


5 .Will you make it so filter options that you choose remain active instead of always resetting? (Chioku)


We will keep that in mind when planning future Quality of Life updates.


6. Julius has a bonus 15% interception rate, but unless you remember it from the news, it is never shown anywhere in-game. Will you add this information somewhere (i.e. a "Passive Sphere" in Sphere Training)? (Chioku)


Indeed, we understand this can be easily missed or simply confusing. We will keep that in mind when planning future Quality of Life updates.


7. Will the Arena ever get a rotation of special rules or restrictions (i.e. only fire Units, only human Units, no duplicates allowed in the team, etc.)? (Edwin, sasostyle)


We are hoping to eventually launch such events not only in the Arena but in PvE modes.


8. Will the mechanics of getting Esteem Points be reworked? With the ladder system, it doesn't make sense to lose and win points at the same speed. (kamin0)


Rebalancing is a never ending effort so we may very well update such mechanics in the future if we deem them obsolete.


9. Will "Community Effort" milestones return in future events? (Lunatica)


Is it always possible.


10. Any plans to make it easier to obtain "fodder" units for Role Mastery? (ophiuch)


We know this is important for many players, and we did test things such as adding a secondary free Summon Gate (every 8 hours rather than every 24) or making it easier to obtain Rare Summon Tickets, so this is something we will definitely explore again. Obviously, we may also work on brand new ways to get these Units rather than repeat past events.


11. How long will we have to wait for Chapter 5? (SKamikaze)


Right now, we're focusing on the Spring Event. Rest assured that new Main Story releases will return not too long after!


12. Will you ever add an icon showing the Species of a Unit in-game? (Step2Go)


This is becoming more important now that new species have been added to the game, so we'll definitely consider it!


13. Browsing the Weapon Inventory is not a comfortable experience. Will you ever add filters, or a "multi-Sell" button to simplify this? (Teoscorpion91, Flexon20)


We will keep that in mind when planning future Quality of Life updates.


14. Will there be Guild Leaderboard events where every Guild tries to get more points than the others? (Venterioz)


Yes, Guilds event like that are something we want to have shortly after Guilds are released.


That’s it for this month! Again, if you have any suggestions to make the next newsletter more awesome, share your thoughts with us on the Forums!

We’re looking forward to a very exciting May with all of you! ;)


- The Last Summoner Team

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