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Season 1 — Chapter 4 Preview


Those who seek the truth shall find the truth… but what if they discover more than what they could have imagined?


Season 1, Chapter 4 - Pilgrims of Faraway will keep you on our toes while you find out what happened to your favorite heroes!


Play Act 1 right NOW! Acts are released separately, each bringing new Story, Harvest, Challenge & Challenge+ missions featuring your beloved characters in ever more dramatic situations!


Need to catch up before the release? Looking for more details? Keep reading!







Previously... [SPOILERS for Chapters 2 & 3]


Under Queen Jeanne’s orders, Brook and his companions started their journey to Berserkerfell with the task of ensuring that the diplomatic conference unfolded without any inconvenients. However, there was something they weren’t counting on… their ally Marian Blexham had actually been scheming to prevent peace!


While Brook helped Jarl Erik reunite all the Berserker tribes to join forces, Lucy had a mission of her own: look for the Hermit that would give her the answers she needed about her incredible powers.


But in an unexpected turn of events, the threat of war became a reality! Jarl Erik’s death meant that his daughter, Siv, is now sitting on the Berserker throne, and Lucy has to travel to the Faraway to look for all the answers she’s still missing…



You must have completed the final Story dungeon in Season 1, Chapter 3.



We aren’t spoiling you the joy of discovery, but you can look forward to getting your hands on:

• a new “Story” Rare Summon (2★ to 5★ Unit) like Zola in Chapter 1 or Hanna in Chapter 2.

• new Weaponry.

• new Elite Summons (2★ to 4★ Units).





We wish you safe travels in your journey all around Vask.


Good luck in your quest, Summoners!


- The Last Summoner Team

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