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Spring 2019 Event — Tricksters of Fate



What’s happening in the kingdom of Eventry?! What is Lucy even doing here? And is that a double rainbow?!


Find out in our Spring 2019 Event and get awesome rewards - including a FREE “Spring Lucy” Unit!



Apr. 25, 01:01 am - May. 16, 01:00 am (PDT / UTC-7)



• HOW TO START: Tap on the Event Banner from the Quest Menu.




Lucy is the Queen of Eventry, and... Hold on, what?! There’s no time to explain, jump in a new adventure!


• LIMITED QUEST MAP: Every week, a new Act will be added to Eventry (3 Acts total), each featuring Story, Harvest, Challenge and Bifrost dungeons!


• WEEKLY LEADERBOARDS: Play every week to win Leaderboard rewards. Use specific Units for SCORE MULTIPLIERS, details below!


• 3 NEW UNITS: Summon Grainne, Kida and Beryl from the “Tricksters of Fate” story. These Units are limited, they won’t stay in Summon Gates forever. Don’t miss their Gate announcements!


• FREE “SPRING” LUCY: Play to earn Event Crystals and summon in a Special Gate to get “Spring” Lucy, fighting with a Grimoire! Evolve her to 5★!


• CRAFT 5★ WEAPONS: Use Event Crystals to craft 4 special “Spring” Weapons only available in the Forge during the event. 3 other Weapons will be added permanently, requiring Mithril Crystals.


NOTE: After the event ends, all of the above content WILL NOT be obtainable anymore unless stated otherwise. “Spring” Forge recipes and the Special Gate will be removed a week later.







• FARM EVENT CRYSTALS: Craft special Weapons and summon “Spring” Lucy during the event!


• UNLOCK EVENT PARADE: Finish all Harvest Dungeons in all 1 Act. Each Act finished unlocks a Parade. Play them to farm Event Crystals a lot faster, and other goodies!


• UNLOCK BIFROST LEVELS: Finish all Story Dungeons in 1 Act. Each Act finished unlocks 10 Bifrost levels. Play them for great rewards!


• WIN LEADERBOARD REWARDS: Participate in 3 Competitions during the event! Use specific Units for SCORE MULTIPLIERS.



Click here to view scores (updated at least once daily).




• PERIOD: Apr. 25, 01:01 am - May 2, 00:59 am (PDT / UTC -7)

• OBJECTIVE: Score the highest number of points in every Story and Bifrost level of Act 1.

• SCORE MULTIPLIER: Fight with FEATURED UNITS to multiply your score! See below!





• Score +400%: Grainne.

• Score +200%: Mare.

• Score +100%: Spring Lucy.

• Only one of each Featured Unit can boost the score, duplicates do not count.


Note: Bonuses are active regardless the source, including locked squads.




• You scored 1,000,000 points (the “Normal” 100% Score).

• You fought with 1 Grainne (+400%) and 2 Spring Lucy (+100%, 1 Spring Lucy doesn’t count)

• Your final score on the Leaderboard is 6,000,000 (the “Boosted” 600% Score).

Note: Scores displayed in-game will not be affected by multipliers, only the Leaderboard will.





Higher Ranks include rewards from lower ranks:

• Rank 1: 1x Leader-Níð-Moin, 1x Summoner-Níð-Adder and 1x Breaker-Níð-Grabak

• Ranks 2 - 10: 1x Oracle-Níð-Goin, 1x Guardian-Níð-Nidhogg

• Ranks 11 - 100: 40x Mythril Crystal

• Ranks 101 - 500: 1x Rainbow Ticket

• Ranks 501 - 1000: 1x Burst Frog

• Ranks 1001 - 5000: 400x Event Crystals

• Ranks 5001 - 10000: 1x Super Rare Summon Ticket

• Ranks 10001 - 50000: 200x Event Crystals

• Participation Reward: 5x Metal God



Note: Rewards will be sent within 2 weeks of the end of the competition.

Details for the Week 2 and Week 3 Competitions will be shared later, stay tuned!


Embrace the wonders of Spring, Summoners, and enjoy this event!


- The Last Summoner Team

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