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Update 2.0 - Arena Grand Opening

APPLICATION UPDATE - As soon as it is available, you will be prompted to download the latest game update from Google Play or the App Store the next time you launch the game.


This is it, Summoners!

Update 2.0 is the MAJOR update everyone's been waiting for! Real-time PvP for for ALL players: Leagues, Seasons, Rewards and more!

Note: To prepare for its Grand Opening, the Arena will be temporarily unavailable with Update 2.0. Stay tuned, you'll want to be ready! :p

Read all about the Arena below and get ready to fight other players!









Prepare for a real (time) competition, Summoners!


BFTLS now has a PvP mode, the Arena:

→ Permanently available for all players at all times!

→ Start fighting other players directly from the Quest Menu!

→ Compete in Monthly Seasons: As you beat your opponents and climb up the rankings, unlock amazing Season rewards on top of League match rewards!


Arena Season 1 starts at the end of the week! Stay tuned for all the details!


We also thank everyone for their valuable feedback during the Arena’s Closed Beta. You’ve been a big help and our team has done its best to make this mode an excellent experience for all!


Here’s a list of important changes with the Arena Launch:


• If matchmaking fails to find a player, you will fight against a team of bots instead, indicated by “Spirits” in their name.


• A badge to help you know when an Arena Gate is ready to be open.


• Zel & EXP earned have been added to the Result screen.


• The general stability of the feature has been improved.










• Improved the camera’s behaviour in 10 vs 10 scenarios.

• Added an animation on Ascended Units during fights and in the Menu.






Want to progress faster? We have a solution for you!

Check out up to 3 new Bundles in the Shop to help you in your adventure:

  • Skill Pack: Improve your Unit Skills!

  • Experience Pack: Evolve your Unit in no time!

  • New Starter Bundle: Only available for new players, check out this amazing opportunity!


You will also be able to get Rainbow Summon Ticket on top of these, to use on Summon Gates, including Lilly!

Enjoy these offers!




• Arena: Fixed the Battle Crystal generation bug.


• Arena: Fixed issue with the cooldown timer to open a Star Gate.


• Fixed several Arena crash issues that could occur during a match.


• Fixed a freezing issue in the Arena when your opponent gives up the match.


• Fixed an issue where you could have more negative stats than expected when equipping a Weapon.


• Squads 2 & 3 now appear in the correct position in battle.


• Fixed several random freezing issues.


• Fixed a random crash issue in the initial tutorial dungeons.


• Fixed an issue where you cannot get an achievement after the initial tutorial dungeons.


• Fixed minor localization issues.




Thank you for playing! Look forward to the next update!


- The Last Summoner Team

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