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Update 2.3 - Feb. 04

APPLICATION UPDATE - As soon as it is available, you will be prompted to download the latest game update from Google Play or the App Store the next time you launch the game.


Our newest update is fully dedicated to providing you with a better gaming experience based on your feedback. Enjoy “Quality of Life” upgrades such as Unit Favorites, sorting options and difficulty indicators as well as a cool Arena upgrade just in time for Season 2!





To prepare for the upcoming Season 2, we’ve made the following changes and fixes to the Arena:

• Spirits can be Summoned in a fight.

• Transition between turns is faster.

• Fixed several issues, improved general stability and blocked known exploits.




During a survey last year, and many times on our Forums and Discord, you’ve told us about the many improvements you’d like us to implement. This is always an ongoing effort, but today’s update is specifically devoted to many of these “Quality of Life” requests!


• In Story, Challenge and Challenge+ Modes, you will now see the required Score for each Stars when you complete a Dungeon.



• You can now add Units to your Favorites and avoid selling/fusing them by mistake!




• You can now Sort your Units by Stats, Element, Rarity, Role, and more in the Units and Fusion section.



• Before starting a Quest, on the Squad edit screen, the “Begin” button will glow in orange or red if the dungeon is too hard for your selected Units.




• You can now sell or fuse a non-favorited Unit, even if they’re currently in a Squad.

• The Inventory now opens on the Weapons tab instead of the Souls one.

• When Auto Battle is on and you reach the end of a dungeon, your device will let you know via a notification (vibration or sound).


Look forward to further improvements in future updates, and thanks for your continued feedback about your game experience!




• The Battle Crystals gathering animation has been shortened. Fights will be faster in PvP and PvE!



• The buff icon displayed after casting Baldr’s Will Skill has been changed.

• Blocking or countering units’ animation has been reworked. They no longer teleport themselves.


Players for whom a day was skipped in the February Daily Gifts Calendar (due to a schedule error) have received the last Calendar Gift as compensation.



• Fixed the Leader Skill Initiative issue affecting Yelo and Krantz.

• Fixed an issue where you had to restart the game to reset your Spheres.

• Fixed a possible loading issue when reaching the Quest Page or Objectives list.

• Fixed an issue where the Auto Battle mode restarted automatically if you switched between Spirits.

• Fixed a Daily Mission issue where you had to win a PvP Match to be able to fill the “Kill X enemies” quest.


Thank you for playing! Look forward to the next update!


- The Last Summoner Team

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